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Example sentences for gilt

Gilt yields were in deflation-worry territory even before the government announced consolidation plans.
Two of the three were made of copper and the third was a gilt-covered copper coin with much of the gilt rubbed off.
But it has done little, it seems, to scratch the gilt from the corner office.
In the main dining room, the walls have been taken down to bare red brick and framed in gilt mirrors.
The best choice for the main course is their skillfully prepared fish, such as monkfish or gilt head bream.
He had come to my wedding and given me a gilt bracelet.
He had a small legacy in the will, a gilt-edged bond and a few words of praise.
It survives in a porcelain plush-lined storage and display box with gilt hardware.

Famous quotes containing the word gilt

Edith: This complete loveliness will fade. And we shall forget what it was like. Edward: Edith, don't. Edith: Oh, it's b... more
Open the book. (The gilt rubs off the edges of the pages and pollinates the fingertips.)... more
The moment when she crawled out onto the back of the open limousine in which her husband had been murdered was the first... more
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