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Example sentences for gilding

Much of the gilding from the statue has also been broken off.
Resembling a leather-bound holy text with gold leaf gilding, the book's design adds to its gravitas.
The music world has its ways of gilding ugly economic realities.
No paint or dye can give so splendid a colour as gilding.
The gilding metal used in the jacket typically consists of cupronickel, cupro-zinc, cupro-tin or in some cases pure copper.
Most of the original gilding that covered the openwork crown of the lantern has worn off.
After three month's work, golden yellow highlights that originally represented the frame's gilding were uncovered.
These feature surfaces embellished with intricate lacquer work and gilding.
Some alabaster sculptures, reliefs, and other objects have layers of decorative paint or gilding applied.

Famous quotes containing the word gilding

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