gild in a sentence

Example sentences for gild

If you must gild the lily, choose from the brief list of toppings.
Methinks you gild the lily to much and lose credibility.
He has perched on rooftops to gild the domes of buildings.
The last vestiges of sunlight gild and burnish the pink walls.
No attempt has been made to gild the chronicle with rhetorical romance.
They spend on bad ideas, gild every surface, and cheat.
Stir in your minced tomatoes and basil and gild the lily with some more oil.
It requires an ability to squint a little and forget a lot, to gild things.
To gild with heavenly hopes their evening's pensive shade.
Nobody has thought to gild the sets or pad the orchestra, which consists exactly of two tuxedoed pianists.
But they are gild on the uniquely blocked and well written text inserted between them and a series of cogent maps.

Famous quotes containing the word gild

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