giggling in a sentence

Example sentences for giggling

Other deferential gestures include giggling, head-bobbing and groveling.
Whispering and giggling at the same time have no place in good society.
After the giggling stopped, they got down to business and started looking quite serious.
Giggling children race to buy fresh sugarcane juice.
They were giggling and laughing throughout my comments about the crowd below.
The mood is mostly light, with friends giggling as they browse shelves full of rubber and plastic playthings.
The strange flying object is controlled remotely by a cluster of giggling engineers.
Simple stuff, really, but delivered with a brio that kept generations of children giggling.
Beneath the giggling, however, lies a tenacious persona.
Giggling adolescents should not be treated more harshly than loud-speaking adults.
There tends to be some nervous giggling at this point.
The kids area was bursting with giggling painted faces.
Some may exhibit inappropriate laughing or giggling, or show no real fear of dangers.

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