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Example sentences for giggle

For promising to give me a laugh or giggle every day of our married life and leaving me with a surplus.
Each time a song ends, beers giggle golden on rough wood tables as the roaring crowd claps and cheers for more.
Then when you show them how it works, they all get this silly grin, and some start to giggle.
It uses the word to ascribe a negative stereotype and then giggle about it.
Her warmth, sense of humor and infectious giggle brought much joy to our family.
He makes a joke about local leaders taking public money for themselves, and some of the villagers giggle.
Ask your parents to join so you can giggle at their goofy moves.
Readers might find them good for a giggle-though, while neither article could be called substantive, neither is short.
Asked who is to blame for this situation, they giggle.
Serkin made the same music glitter and dance and nearly giggle.
It made me giggle, but it makes no difference on his grade at all.
We even had a giggle when you showed up for your teaching demo wearing your regalia and a witches' hat.
It is also for anyone who likes fast-paced, giggle-inducing games.
They had no choice but to giggle, as if heartily amused.
While they don't giggle in response, they do respond.
Please, show your true colors by getting a giggle at my expense.
There may be some folks who can still giggle at the country-club cut-ups in this film.
Folks who are prone to giggle when a bit of tender flesh is exposed may find amusing moments in it.
Down the street, a group of children giggle as they watch a scorpion being eaten alive by a colony of red ants.
With a giggle, he took the bag and set it down on the floor beside his chair.
At night there are the hula dancers to giggle at when their hips shake back and forth making a funny wiggle.
Kids especially get a giggle when they see the tall brick smokestack with toilet stalls surrounding its base.
When writers post directly to the site without editorial intervention, the results are often better for a giggle than for news.
They stare and giggle at us, waiting for their husbands, uncles and brothers to arrive.
It makes you giggle in amazement that the same old tricks keep generating new thrills.
He then usually tumbles to the ground with a hearty giggle.
Embrace the little things that make you giggle and help you put things in perspective.

Famous quotes containing the word giggle

Young girls giggle with nervous delight at the erections they inspire.... more
It was because of me. Rumors reached Inman that I had made a deal with Bob Dole whereby Dole would fill a paper sack ful... more
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