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There are intelligent or gifted people who obtain a degree of success on that alone without effort.
Thankfully an intelligent, gifted adult is once again running the country.
Di has a wonderful ability to create intimate space with a gifted sense of the human and design.
It's an even worse present than re-gifted fruitcake.
The students are intellectually gifted and highly motivated.
Among the extraordinarily gifted, you had to present yourself as a solitary genius.
Yet if that were so, you might expect one gender to be musically more gifted than the other, and there is no evidence of that.
He is a gifted campaigner, by all accounts, with more of a common touch than either of his main rivals.
He is a gifted, witty writer in a profession prone to mistake jargon for prose.
In years past, he has shown himself to be a gifted fundraiser for his political causes.
We are preventing gifted students from excelling by holding them back with useless tests.
She is a gifted public speaker, with a knack for rousing a crowd.
If he can motivate a workforce that still contains some gifted people, so much the better.
We are not a world cruelly divided between the innately-gifted and the destined-to-be-mediocre.
Twelve unbearably gifted students are sitting around the table, and they appreciate having such perimeters established.
The craftsmanship of today ranges from gifted to crude, from grotesque to subtle.
The changes required to provide adequately for the intellectually gifted are relatively slight.
There were however, others almost as able and gifted who wrote and spoke on similar lines.
By this power she carries her readers behind the veil obscuring less gifted apprehension.
He is gifted with an almost magical facility of literary composition.
In the private walks of life, he was hailed as one gifted in an eminent degree with the nobler qualities of our nature.
If you're in a location where gifted education isn't well funded, your kids may not be challenged enough.
While dyslexic children may struggle in the early grades, they often grow into gifted story tellers, inventors and entrepreneurs.
In addition, he is a gifted singer with a beautiful mellow voice.
Many are also more intellectually gifted than you might think.
It takes gifted mahouts to restore their spirits as well.
There is plenty of evidence that labeling someone gifted has a negative affect on their future achievements.
Gifted students can learn rational number arithmetic by age eleven, but children grow up differently.
Exceptionally smart or gifted individuals would be given an incentive to procreate.
They are good for one year and can be gifted to anyone of your choosing.
Doesn't have burning speed on the field, nor particularly gifted in terms of moves.
For example, both an average runner and a genetically gifted one can benefit from training.
For more than a century, the magazine has been led by gifted editors.
They cannot be gifted, nor discovered on a trip through the shelves of a friend or the local library.
Her self-denial gifted her with a long, if severe life.
We see games as enhancing the capabilities of gifted teachers, not displacing them with impersonal machines.
Gift-giving children are preferred to gifted children.
There are people who are so gifted that they are beyond envy.
Rarely has such a gifted ensemble done so little ensemble acting.
Unlike other gifted dancers of her generation, she had no career conflicts.
He was an extremely gifted driver, though, and his dad borrowed gas money to get him to races.
Margot certainly thinks so and, gifted with a borderline personality disorder, says as much.
Ledger was a gifted chess player, and he approached acting as if he were playing a match.
While the connection from one paragraph to the next may be clear in your mind, the rest of us are not gifted with telepathy.
The people who do this work are both creative and technically gifted.
For one thing, chimpanzees and other apes have proved surprisingly gifted at making tools.
Biological evolution is gifted with a discrete and concrete unit of replication, the physical gene.
Enjoyed reading a more personal side of a gifted science blogger.
How gifted a lover he actually was the appropriate witnesses do not record, but that he made many conquests is beyond dispute.
The gifted rebelled and turned to elegance, irresponsibility, and hedonism.
She was thirty-nine, and known already as a gifted observer.
He was clearly aware, among his gifted and productive friends, of the relative slowness of this emergence.
The truly gifted at times achieve things that appear too soon, as it were.
He's a gifted songwriter who refuses to become famous.
But it's a tragic end to a brilliant and gifted guy and musician.
Gifted education is mandated for all public school districts.

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