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Example sentences for gift

So you think you've picked out the perfect gift for your loved one.
Bed bug repellant for sheets, clothes and luggage would also be a great holiday gift for me and my travelling pals.
Outlined below are descriptions of each gift item and their eligible collection level.
Other features of the museum include a café and gift shop.
Holiday gift giving becomes much more meaningful when the gift keeps on growing.
Don't forget to check out previous years' gift guides.
The carrier eventually softened its stance and handed over some strangely generous gift cards.
With a little effort, you can find almost any conventional gift in an eco-friendly option.
The message is clear: the annual gift hunt has begun.
If you haven't bought your ticket yet, buy one in the gift shop on the left.
Paper bags, fabric remnants, and magazine pages become gift wrap.
Any of them would make an excellent gift for the gamer in your life.
Exempting dividends, especially, would be seen as a gift to the rich.
Let us help you choose the perfect gift for any recipient or occasion.
Use the links below to renew your subscription or give a gift.
Give plain gift wrap the star treatment with tropical star fruit stamping.
If you own property that is fully paid off and has appreciated in value, an outright gift may be the simplest solution.
It is a gift of these books that they do not entirely replace mystery with explanation.
Repurposing a useful gift is really a manners minefield.
The box also has space to write your own personal message, making it perfect for gift giving.
Claim a free gift at the gift shop when you complete the quest to have your guide stamped at each stop on the self-guided tour.
Innocuous as this may seem, being generous can also subject you to gift tax.
Inexpensive yet elegant gift bags and wrapping material.
He has a historian's grasp of the period and a novelist's gift for character.
Make small burlap coffee bean bags into ornaments by stuffing them with used gift tissue or old newspaper.
Back in the visitor center, take in exhibits and films and browse through the gift store.
For many parents, college is so expensive these days that they consider it a gift in itself.
While that gift is a unique touch, allowing faculty members to stop the tenure clock is not.
Some ideas are intended to turn a card into a gift in itself.
On the grounds are gardens with native and missionary-era plants and a gift shop of locally-made crafts.
Comes with a wooden display stand and fabric gift box.
When you've finally found the gift for the geek who has every gadget, make sure you wrap it in some suitably geeky wrapping paper.
Brides with a yen for kerosene lamps or kayaks can now register their wishes in the latest entry into the gift registry business.
One weighty book tops my gift list this holiday season.
He had that gift for intimacy with any number of people.
Plant a few extra basil plants this summer and get a head start on your holiday gift needs.
Giving the gift of video games can bring joy to the eyes of your kids.
He has a reporter's eye for detail, a natural stylist's gift for phrasemaking and a novelist's sense of pace.
Turtles and toffee tempt, but chocolate roses are the romance gift of choice here.
Claim a free gift at the gift shop when you have your guide stamped at each stop on the self-guided tour.
His gift was knowing what readers needed and demanding his editors provide it.
She gave the same to other friends, and soon enough it became her signature gift.
There is a beautiful sundial garden and a museum gift shop.
If so, then perhaps it's time to try a different kind of gift.
You've found that perfect, pricey gift for your significant other.
Domesticated felines are among those rarest of creatures that gift outside of their species.
Also see our first guide and the aggregated gift guides of previous years.
In fact, this little box might be the ideal gift for your parents.
She had spent two years cultivating a potential donor to make a multimillion-dollar gift to her college.
Yet the idea of higher education as a gift has not been well developed.
For instance, later figures did not have the gift of his presence and his art.
After all, science is the gift that keeps on giving.
So much of life, for human and finch alike, comes down to music-and that singular gift of listening and learning.
Some react with horror, others wish for a gift shop.
To print gift announcement card, right click on the following image and select print picture.
If you've already mastered the art of credit card churning, consider adding gift card churning to your repertoire.
The restaurant world is finally wising up to an insatiable hunger for plastic gift cards.
When purchasing a gift item, such as a suitcase, you want to ensure that the suitcase remains a mystery to the recipient.
He has an almost uncanny gift for putting music into words.
Somalis' gift of the gab, and the difficulty of getting in and out of the country, put a premium on extended telephone calls.
And it helps even more that she herself is a character with a gift for words.
Anxiety that such a revelation might never come again, as it were, conferred the precious gift of delay.
After a while, he spotted a gift bag on the coffee table nearby.
The otherwise empty boxes will each be filled by a letter from a crossing gift label.
Money is not the dull stuff of hourly wages and bank-account statements, but a magical substance that comes as a gift from above.
And then he was torn between wanting her saved and wanting her dead so that his gift would be saved.
The perfect gift for the unconfident cook with a sophisticated palate.
Still, there's no better gift than a jar of your own marmalade.
From birth to wedding, occasions are marked with the gift of fermentation.
Not only does it taste fabulous, it keeps well and gets even better with age, so it's a perfect make-ahead gift for the holidays.
Technology's gift of mindlessness and painlessness.
It seems that not all the recipients tucked the gift away in a safe place, however.
What a gift it would be for robots to confirm, survey, and establish these areas.
Holiday gift sets are a great way to show someone that you care.
The gift of coolheadedness or the ability to tap-dance.
The gift of a hunting or fishing license will last the entire year.
Explains what to look for when buying and using gift cards, especially the terms and conditions of their use.
But consumers who don't plan to use gift cards quickly may be throwing away their money.
And so the scramble is on to find the right last-minute gift for your favorite traveler.

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