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The even more lamentable stats of school connectivity in our ghettos and barrios cast a long shadow on the future.
We don't want ghettos, particularly in language, because it's easy to go to people who talk your language.
They are subjugated, feared, and consigned to ghettos.
The trouble is that many of the newcomers are moving to residential ghettos with miserable economic prospects.
To a limited extent, the people of the ghettos began to verify this prediction.
And they accept as a given the reality of ghettos of wealth in privileged school districts.
Even as cities tout their ghettos, though, the ghettos are emptying.
Then they were pushed into ghettos because of restrictive deed covenants and blatant discrimination by landlords.
Rural ghettos now suffer from all the dependence-induced pathologies of their urban cousins.
Others have retreated into steamy nationalist ghettos, sometimes in cahoots with the new authorities.
Their authors, all from poor families, fought their way out of their own particular ghettos.
Its cities do have pockets of despair, but neither slums nor ghettos.
Creating street violence requires support of fanatic thugs from ghettos, something the separatists have in plenty.
The cycle of poverty observed in cases where the poor are concentrated in low-income ghettos is avoided.
Previously these groups were relegated to ghettos in the cities as would any impoverished, marginalized group.
Relations between blacks and the police were judged to be better but economic revival in the ghettos was still slow.
Segregation helped create vicious ghettos ruled, barely, by paramilitary-style cops.
The starving poor live in ghettos that sociologists are scared to enter.
In the urban ghettos, unemployment soared and violence escalated.
These programs have been a disaster, dividing our country by language and leaving immigrants in linguistic ghettos.
Rural communities suffer the same blight, poverty and other problems as inner city ghettos, and were ignored for far too long.

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