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The name alone evokes dreadful visions of ghastly creatures with horrific fangs and slimy skin.
His sumptuous film is as strange and mesmerizing as it is imaginatively ghastly.
Not surprisingly, the scenarios range from ghastly to extremely ghastly.
My first book had a ghastly cover.
One day this ghastly regime will meet its match.
It was a monumental failure and a ghastly betrayal.
We can confront it only as a bleak and ghastly fact.
The news goes from bad to ghastly.
Were these weapons used the results would be ghastly.
Capitalism, he insists, can be just as ghastly as fascism or communism.
Sheets of ghastly reds and greens, like chemical spills, play over the stage.
He has tossed off the top of his head and uttered himself in copious overflows of ghastly bosh.
These ghastly little nibbles are rich with cheesy flavor, and a real snap to make.
The museum continues to be a place for education, only these days the subject is the ghastly toll of war.
The animal met a ghastly fate: hundreds of eggs hatched inside its body, causing it to burst open.
Manacled and cramped into ghastly holds, many of the captives did not survive the voyage.
Before he could order them to be dropped, however, a ghastly jolt hurled the sailors to the deck.
As even that ghastly supply dwindles, three survivors embark on a make-or-break journey to find help.
He knew what routes to take and where to find the bodies, and he'd seen firsthand that dying of thirst is a ghastly way to perish.
The ghastly minnow is part of the largest family of freshwater fish-but so far its fangs are unique.
There was wild and ghastly scenery all around her, and a home and comfort nowhere.
Eerie lights, ghastly noises and ghostly inhuman figures abound.
He created comic books with ghastly drawings of people shooting each other and wrote stories about zombies.
It's already come through a lot of ghastly experiences.
Draconian hair-regimes can be ghastly as well as ridiculous.
But the language of this statement is either daft or ghastly, depending on how charitably one is willing to read it.
After a ghastly pause, he stammers and makes a deadpan joke, barely retrieving the situation.
Hostile cities have ways of making life ghastly for aggressors.
The drug approval process itself was revolutionized to accommodate the approval of this ghastly drug.
Plasmodium has adapted itself to its human host with ghastly efficiency.
They've blogged, but with the ghastly unease of one's high school headmaster trying to rap.
To their horror, as the curtain falls, there is a ghastly applause.
She'd let out ghastly shrieks but my brother had trouble stopping himself.
He never looked good but on this morning he looked ghastly.
It has been dismissed as a ghastly specimen of sentimental kitsch.
He stares into the middle distance as he begins a ghastly and meticulous chronicle of the deaths.
And so a case that from the start had been ghastly to ponder became even messier.
They were pretty good at it, although sometimes it was kind of ghastly.
Some crimes are so ghastly, some outcomes so unjust and some remarks so startling that they make you think you would.
And, this ghastly conduct has sent a ripple of fear to anyone who has had a medical implant.
Some agencies have caved in the past and paid ghastly sums for the rent supplement.

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