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The dancers wear standard climbing harnesses and use specialized climbing equipment to get up and down the ropes.
They sat down at the whites-only lunch counter and refused to get up.
But those do not get up in the morning and make the beer.
After you make a tackle or get tackled the play isn't over, get up and keep moving.
But a clock, chiming out her own name twelve times, warned her that it was midday and time to get up.
Actually correcting these imbalances is going to require a lot of people in the periphery to get up and move.
It's impossible to get up every morning and re-invent the wheel.
Get up in the morning and look out the window and see that same rusty fence.
So you get up and get it, and then you find you're doing everything.
They get up in the morning, and set out to do a good job caring for people.
They bed down in groups and get up from time to time during the night.
And she must give him the same time to get up to speed as she had.
Get up with everyone and walk to the end of the pew, letting everyone out of the row.
The owner's office is in an elevator so he can pop in to terrorize staff without having to get up.
They have to grab their legs and push off a number of times to get up.
Thus it would take infinite energy for the to get up to the speed of light.
It's much harder to get up, get out, and get something.
Humans simply don't get up and walk the moment they crawl out of the womb, unlike newborns of so many other species.
Staff get laid off and then different people get hired back on, requiring training and time on the job to get up to speed.
Get up go the the kitchen grab some ice put it in a bowl.
Users will be able to get up to five hours of uninterrupted computing time from a fully charged battery.
The pressure to conform means you lose the people who want to get up and go in a different direction.
And after a while we'd all get up together and walk back through the dark to the village.
Then you really push it into the wall, so that you get up big in the air.
We get up in unison and fight for the newspaper for half an hour.
Researchers may get up at dawn hoping to grab chimpanzee faeces that fall from the trees.
Make those who want to obstruct actually get up and talk.
Rural people get up and move primarily because of economic reasons.
If you wait until you can play, you'll be too old to get up there.
We're a myopic bunch, less likely to get up in arms about a policy that doesn't pinch so much at the start.
Discovering what the sharks actually get up to is another matter.
Some people get up early to look at the ice while others sit at home and check their email.
To help you get up to speed in the modern nuclear power age, here is some general info.
But as long as the music is playing, you've got to get up and dance.
You'll be able to get up from your seat and walk in the aisle without wobbling.
He set it up on the edge of the stage and let everyone in the theater get up close to it and take a picture.
If you've begun to pack on the pounds, your doctor may recommend that you get up and move around.
Instead of sending emails to coworkers, get up and walk over to their desks.
Depending on the model, they can take a large chunk of a minute to get up to speed.
Then, as you get up close to the funnel, the winds are insane.
But as long as the music is playing, you've got to get up and dance.
It's in the morning, so you'll have to get up early to see it.
However, when coherent and motivated leaders step forward, others will more easily get up the nerve to also speak up.
As usual, it is incomprehensibly difficult to get up-to-date information.
The tapeworms that live in humans can get up to sixty feet long.
He liked to sleep late, and in those days solar astronomers had to get up before sunrise.
They'll take your kids to the soccer game, tell you when to get up in the morning, and help pick out groceries.
Germ-free mice are known to have poor nutrition, and don't get up to a healthy weight.
Then the guy comes up to me and says you can't use the microphone, you've got to get up and talk at the podium.
For now though, it makes more sense to get up to steam amidst the myriad possibilities our inner and outer planets present.
Sometimes they'll get up in the middle of the night and fix themselves enormous dinners, she notes.
The visitors center is well worth a visit if you can get up there.
My point was that at a minimum you have to get up and do something if you want to get somewhere.
There is no way to get up there and obtain physical evidence.
If he was, he did or did not get up again three days later.
They're the ones who could get up the side of the cliff all by themselves, fine.
Every morning he would get up early and type in his diary.
Watch it until you have to get up and turn on a light in your apartment, because suddenly it's dark outside.
For others, it's an opportunity to get up to speed on fresh works in art and design.
The four guys would come out of the car, lock arms around the car, flip the back down and he'd get up and give a little talk.
So you would get up from the table, go drink from the fountain-it had pedals for hot and cold-and then come back to the table.
Marlon was on his bed in his shorts and didn't even bother to get up.
If it gets to be too much for you, you can always get up and leave the tank.
All had that something extra: they could get up and go.
The timed get up and go test is a measurement of mobility.
Put a phone near the floor in case you fall and can't get up.
Learn more about how to safely get up from a fall or help to help someone else get up from a fall.
Have the patient get up and walk around the object and sit back down.
Get up to the minute job postings by following us on twitter.
Contact the following to get up-to-date information on their current local option tax.
Get up close and personal with a variety of live desert critters.
Instead of smoking after meals, get up from the table.

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