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Example sentences for get on

The employees said that they tried to get on-duty police to help but that the off-duty officers waved them off.
Be sure you get on his e-newsletter list while you're at it.
He was keen to get on the ground and get out his measuring tape.
It was chance to get on the net and found your column which is quite interesting to read.
One individual would get on top of the drum with help from his partner.
For although there be some slight difference in their languages, their customs are similar, and they can easily get on together.
The foreign attach├ęs did not always get on well with our generals.
These are formed by the coal seams that get on fire.
Still remained the problem how to get on the high ground on the east bank of the river.
To get on the white list, a dozen or so tax-information exchange treaties are needed.
The two groups do not get on-hence the inability to form a government.
But others say that if treaty amendment is needed, it is best to get on with it.
Thereafter his uncle left him free to get on with it.
The bigger flaw in the plan is that it seeks to muddle through the sovereign-debt crisis rather than get on top of it.
Females mainly let the males get on with this, and pick the winners.
His advisers are to appear less in public, leaving ministers to get on with their jobs.
They are there to cover the backsides of congressmen while they get on with the task of extracting cash from lobbyists.
Pediatricians, parents should get on same page thing.
Many individuals, even if they are seasoned travelers, have some anxiety when they get on an airplane.
For me, it's about time to get on the mound and start throwing.
She walks two blocks and pays one dollar to get on the next bus.
Because of this, he purposely tries to do things to get on her nerves.
The way to dry out your pants is to get on a motorized contraption that whirls you through the air.
By thinking about his family, he finally willed himself to get on his feet and stagger into my tent at high camp.
If you get on a negative roll, it's going to carry through your events.
It's cash-only, outdoor-only seating, but it's about as close to authentic as you can get on this side of the island.
Best to leave reminiscences aside and get on with the business at hand.
Know's not to get on the furniture, doesn't chew anything other than her stuff.
Then they will climb out of their holes and get on some trucks and go home, back to the base.
Thus, when you get on a streetcar, it normally has a lot of other affluent people on it.
He has told these kids that if they get on the honor roll they're off of the curfew.
The money you get on your vacation days is part of your payment for the work you do on the other days.
People get on crack and their households completely change.
The less of your own money you put in, the better the return you get on your initial investment.
They will have their hands full trying to get on top of this industry.
The smallest one you'll get on your dinner plate is about one pound.
The voters go to the polls every few years, and in between times it is up to the government of the day to get on with governing.
The best known is the no-fly list, a list of people who are not allowed to get on a plane.
The early arrivers scoop the prime breeding ground and are potentially more fit to get on with reproduction.
They all pretty much told her that there was nothing they could do and she should get on with her life.
Let us get on to the problem of programming a computer to play checkers against an opponent.
The body recovers, health is restored, people get on with their lives as normal human beings.
Having seen gamblers do certain rituals and then get on a roll while playing craps makes me wonder.
Read a story in my local daily newspaper and had to get on line to find this article.
We should all be pouncing on senators etc to get on board with a proven technology.
It is much more convenient to simply shoot the freaking animal and get on with my life.
We should throw that stuff aside and get on with making clean energy from wind a reality.
The quality of the comments is the same as all other blogs with the idle opinion slinging you get on any blog.
All you got to do is get on a boat and go to the ocean.
Anyone who takes pleasure in modesty will get on well here, he can live, no one's stopping him.
By the time you're jostling to get on the ferry, you're sick of them.
All these people have a sort of parlay mentality and they need to get on the playing field before they can start running it up.
He wants to tell the story he needs to tell, and then get on with the day's work.
Small wonder: he gets up at five-thirty every morning to get on the city bus and be at school by eight.
Most of them were in a hurry to find careers and get on with their lives.
All software suppliers get on board to agree to the common data format by a fixed date or get penalized.
They get on the job and don't know enough and then even the competent graduates are screwed.
If you get on campus interviews you are certainly not a looser.
Make way for someone who wants the career and get on with your own life.
Once you get on the plane you can take the tube out and put it in the overhead bin.
After the big day, you can ignore their foolishness and get on with the parts of your job that make you happy.
We're trying to get on board organizations, donors, the general public.
Hopefully your committee will quickly get on board with this also.
Dry your tears, dry your lap, and get on with your desperate lives.
The rat opened the door for a live intruder to get on the network, escalate user privileges, and begin exfiltrating data.
They told diners to get on the floor and hand over wallets, wedding rings, and phones.
So being able to get on the boat and move allowed my head freedom again.
For some reason you get on there and all the barriers come down.
They managed to get on the property ladder and do well for themselves.
But the divorce is final, and in my judgment the best thing is for you to get on with your life.
We'd have to go back out, get on the bus, the bus would have to go down the road and everybody had to go out into the bushes.
You'd never want to get on her bad side, though, or she would stare you down with her intense blue eyes.
Everyone is anxious to get on the water and wet a line.
Your light rail ticket will also let you get on any bus to connect to places outside of downtown.
Only later do they find a suitable place to settle down and get on with the adult business of reef construction.
Apple loves talking about how many songs you can get on your iPod.
Until they get on a different train, every stop is going to be wrong.
However, don't use this fact as too much of an excuse if you never get on short lists, and instead go back to the advice above.
Our brain offers up a view of reality that allows us to get on with our lives, but that's always somewhat of an illusion.
Obviously it's more important to get on with that, than to puzzle over how things might have been different.
Studies on other species suggest that the males are holding on tight and the females would prefer to get on with their lives.
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