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Example sentences for get off

But to get off the highway and into historic mining towns.
Even if you get off track or are biking, you can subtract the kilometers listed below to figure out distances between points.
The editor told him to get off the phone and start taking pictures.
The pedestrians on both sides of the road are stunned, and the cyclists get off their bicycles.
The reform movement would never get off the ground, which is exactly what we've seen in the last year.
When you get off the plane in this country, you'll be taken to meet your host family.
Birds may not be as light as a feather, but they still manage to get off the ground.
Wait for people to get off tube trains before getting on, and always stand on the right on escalators.
The best way to see my city is to ride the comprehensive subway system, and get off at random points.
It's a good idea to stay near the shore so that if a storm threatens, you can get off the water quickly.
If you are caught in an avalanche, the first thing to do is try to get off the slab.
My husband has been able to get off his antidepressant medication with the blessings of his doctor.
Ryan casts these cuts as an incentive for the poor to get off their lazy butts.
After the doctors were taken off the plane, they asked everyone to get off the plane.
Sometimes you need to get off the track to understand what train you are really driving and how to drive it better.
It was a bit vexing because things always seemed to get off to a good start.
And too many of the ill don't understand that they can stop the world, get off if it for a while, and then come back.
Or, try parking further away, or get off the bus one or two stops early.
So let's get off our high horses and climb down from our ivory towers and look at the real problem.
If you're in the rear, it takes forever to get off the plane.
Our strategy is to ask thoughtful questions first thing, before he has a chance to get off track.
It may get off to a slow start, since it has not yet signed up many cable and satellite distributors.
They have struggled since then to get off the nursery slopes.
Past experience suggests this tends to do a lot of harm, but also that some economies get off more lightly than others.
It had to do with the day he forgot to take his personal name-stamp to work, and had to get off the bus.
There are too many vested interests to let it get off the ground.
The alleged perpetrators, whose trial began this week, may now get off the hook-and the scandal may be buried.
The urge to get off oil-and to find more of the stuff.
Because it still lacks the political clout it would need to get off the ground.
To relieve the monotony, take every opportunity to get off of the bus.
We need a wartime level effort to get off fossil fuels.
It is time to get off the global warming bandwagon and become educated.
You've probably promised yourself to get off the couch and get some exercise.
Without potential for profit, renewables or any other human endeavour will never get off the ground.
How about they get off their lazy butts and exercise.
Give them medications that they can not get off of with side effects that seems make them sicker.
It is unfortunate that politicians wont get off their butts and do something right for the people.
It's how cars usually get off the street into a parking lot or residential driveway.
It's too bad nuclear scientists can't stop working for the military and can't get off their bomb addiction.
If you're too depressed to get off the floor, it's certainly worth trying.
The government needs to get off the back of the makers of the money they have been wasting.
Get off your butts and meet with the people seeing these things.
But get off the beaten path and you are often limited to struggling.
If you want to get off the ground, build helicopter.
She says her roommate, who had been trying to sleep, heard her crying and told her to get off the computer.
Either you get off or you don't, then it's on to the next.
Concerned about excess weight, the pilot tried a quick hover test and declared that somebody had to get off.
So, in a quantum world, the consequence argument can't even get off the ground.
Then we'll get off this rock, spread throughout space, and everything will be all right.
We're gonna have to get off our butts, work up enough cash to set up a place in a different gravity well and support ourselves.
And if a flight is packed, overweight fliers may have to get off the plane and wait for one that's less crowded.
Once you get off of the high horse of down the nose judgment, you might see that.
It'll also give us a good reason to get off this planet.
Those of you who think the show is inane need to get off their haughtiness.
One of the obese guys was screaming on his way out profanities at the kids working the ride who made him get off.
If people are picking them by hand, this will never get off the ground.
Please get off your collective rears and do something that's important.
Not to get off topic, but kudos to the research and the researchers.
We as scientist needs to get off our high horses and not criticize every bit of unimportant detail that isn't referred correctly.
They then make their own cash, pay the loan back, continue their business and get off the public purse.
Get off there, and you can walk to the zoo's entrance gate.
In its first few weeks, people had to get off a waiting list to get into the site.
Avoid the obstruction or get off the forklift and remove the obstruction.
All businesses require money to get off the ground and to continue to grow.
To get off, use the driver signal cords or bars above the windows on the bus in time for the bus to stop.
As soon as you get off the bus, you need to be alert.
Get off the beach and take shelter in a building or in your car.

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