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They seem to get along with antelope well on the flat plains and the elk in the high country.
It will be seen that, in all this, nature and truth get along as best they can.
For a long while he did not go to her, for he had lessons and managed to get along somehow.
Add to that the social pressures to get along, and not rock the boat, and you've got a recipe for under-achieving.
And thinking that somehow finding non-existent aliens will change human nature and make everyone get along, guess again.
Play helps children make friends and learn to get along with each other as equals.
On the other hand, these folks know how to get along, too.
The plight of a refugee, then as now, provoked the feeling that surely he could get along somehow.
Many think the episode offers further proof that journalists and publicists get along rather too cosily.
He does it because these things must be done if one is to get along in life.
Only a handful of wild animal species have been successfully bred to get along with humans.
Your outgoing personality helps you get along with many types of people.
Only a handful of animal species have been successfully bred to get along with humans-but that hasn't kept us from trying.
It takes a long time to learn how to get along with a lake.
By playing, they learn how to communicate and get along with each other.
Everyone got along quite well in that track, and if you didn't get along you were in big trouble.
Maybe it's true that although governments may not get along, people do.
After all, one criterion on which they are judging you is the ability to get along with them-all of them.
Science, on the other hand, could in principle get along without the university.
If you don't get along with your adviser you might wind up with a killer letter of recommendation of a different sort.
Wasn't easy to get those two to get along in my head.
The music is lively, educational and easy to get along with.
The only advantage is that it gets us a bit of money in the early days to help us get along with our own work.
All they want is to get along with everyone and have a bit of a laugh in the process.
However, the government could probably get along without it.
These camps could more or less get along when everything was going fine, but have dramatically different reactions to a crisis.
But then, there is this legend about how the first two brothers didn't get along and one killed the other.
People can get along, it will be difficult when ego issues get in the way, but it can be done.
They can get along because they all want one thing, the governments impact into our pocketbook to be reduced.
If you can get along in society without help, people tend not to notice you.
The more stamps you collect, the more cool stuff you get along the way.
The clerk warned me that in the case of the finches, not all varieties get along well together.
They help kids gain new skills and learn how to get along with others.
They are encouraged to express their feelings, develop self-confidence and their ability to get along with others.
Employers want their secretaries to get along well with others.
Sometimes you get along great and sometimes you argue.
We get along famously off camera, but sometimes there is an awkward moment and a lapse in timing between us.
All you have to do is learn to get along with your partner and you'll still succeed at your endeavors.

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