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After this he could never get together an army fit to look the enemy in the face.
And get together corn and barley-flour and wine in jars.
The problem here is that the dogs when they get together will chase the neighbor's cows.
Two herring shippers decide to get together to try to maximize their collective net sale prices.
Perhaps these worm researchers and this other group should get together and compare notes.
So there are a number of topics this family chooses not to dwell upon when they get together, in order to keep the peace.
So, it's really important for scientists to get together and use modern tools to solve this mystery.
The app is full of features that help people communicate with each other and arrange to get together.
We need to get together on these and get this out sooner.
Even the folks who don't get together with their first loves never end up with anyone else.
It turns out that he'd been trying to get together a nine-figure biotech research facility in the country.
Eliminate those taxes, and it makes it easier for employers and employees to get together.
Let's get together, sit down at the table, and have some real meaningful negotiations and discussion.
They had met briefly several times since then and had agreed each time to get together again, but neither had made the effort.
Usually this is an invitation only business, or people get together at conferences and plan a book together.
It's really good to get together with someone and role-play.
Tufts will foot the dinner bill, for example, if a group of alumni want to get together to plan a chapter.
They get together with colleagues to grumble, not to celebrate or to share.
When males get together in groups, they often act badly.
They weren't friends, exactly-they didn't get together outside the campus.
Apparently there is some possibility that this could happen, if only they could ever get together.
Not only will it give you a set time and place to get together on a regular basis, many heads are almost always better than one.
On special nights, the children from several houses would get together and play steamboat.
These scholars get together occasionally and partake in a recreational way of the pleasures of mathematics.
On the weekends, the tenth graders from all points will find a way to get together.
Teams get together and build a machine to throw pumpkins.
There isn't any product innovation in having multiple companies get together and decide jointly what they're going to do.
Time to get together and establish a dedicated group.
The agencies involved will get together in the next few weeks to look at their plans in light of the report.
Businessmen still go to great trouble and expense to get together with other businessmen and talk.
They then cool over the centuries to the point where these individual molecules can get together in more complex chains.
Every time they get together they ask me to say some words.
Whether you own a houseboat or want to rent one, it's a great way to get together with family and friends.
Guests can also rent one of the two party pontoons for a get together on the lake.
They are academic scientists from top universities who get together for a few weeks every summer to work on government projects.
Maybe they get together with these sponge-wielding dolphins and loofah each other up.
Today is a day to get together with family, and to be thankful for the good things in your life.
The problem often comes when they get together and start following tribal ideologies where mob thinking kicks in.
Let all of their members get together and decide who it will be.
When the rich get together for celebrations, strategies to reinforce status and distinction are also taken into consideration.
That's where they started to get together and make music, and where they found their path.
For some, it's a chance to get together with family and friends.
He related to that and emailed me to say he wanted to get together.
It has a pond you can fish in, a soccer field, a pavilion where you can sit and eat or have a family get together.
Families can get together for dancing, playing sports, reading or listening to live music.
Only certain algae and fungi can get together to form a lichen.
Have the students with the white and green cards get together as a group and discuss their claims to the right to vote.
Many participants get together to rent a car for weekend trips.
Get together with a friend or loved one, and agree to remind each other each month.
Get together with family members to talk about what needs to be done.
The park is a great place to get together with family or friends for a picnic or to hold an event for work or social groups.
Graduation celebrations are a great time for family, friends, and relatives to get together to celebrate.
Kim will get together a list of events for possible survey dates.
Never agree to get together with someone you meet online.
We have seven grandchildren but do not get together too often due to the distance and their work.

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