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Both their verbal and their gesture-based communication is poor, and they often have low intelligence.
The researchers monitored noise levels and hand gestures.
Even a casual gesture like that required too much from me.
Inside and out, the building is a spectacular public gesture of cultural homage.
Talk with your hands; Show the size of objects, point to things, gesture to show importance.
She moved again, a gesture of discomfort, even fear.
It is very friendly gesture.
If your friend scratches her eyebrow or crosses her arms, studies suggest, odds are you'll unthinkingly mimic the gesture.
He held out his hands and smiled in some sort of greeting, and the Indian leader responded with a similar gesture.
What a lovely gesture.
He immediately returned the gesture, opening his mouth and subtly but distinctly moving his tongue.
With an almost desperate gesture, he reaches out for the controller and manages to press the button again.
Uncovering another link between chimpanzees and humans, a new study found chimps gesture mainly with their right hands.
The fact that there is no moment and no gesture, that in fact nothing is happening at all, emphasizes the surfer's serenity.
She led the day's ceremony as a gesture of reconciliation.
Visit this site to view a hula performance and watch as dancers tell stories through body gesture.
Study authors say that the mandrills' behavior could be considered cultural, because of natural way the gesture developed.
In the ultimate gesture of accommodation, they even hop up on the scale for weighing.
He spread out his arms in a similar human gesture and stood his ground.
In this incredible gesture, he restored me to humanity.
It's a brave gesture for a character who could have been swamped in despair.
Empathy is a noble gesture and one that elevates the individual to a higher level of existence.
The gesture is widely appreciated, even by neighbors who are unable to attend.
In fact, such a gesture can give audience members an opening for questions during the time dedicated for discussion.
She shrugs her shoulders with an expressive gesture.
The banner floating in the morning breeze was the beckoning gesture of his country.
He sank into his chair with a compelling and inspired gesture.
There was never an indecent look or a consciously indecent gesture.
And that acting means the gesture, movement, and voice of the actor.
Dullness is their prevailing ingredient, and the whole point consists in mispronouncing a word or in a gesture.
It is also worth remembering that gesture is still a crucial part of human language, even for those with normal hearing.
As to our interactions with computing devices, these will be negotiated mostly by speech and gesture.
It is an endearingly human gesture but, as a means of keeping dry, almost entirely futile.
It was a rare and hopeful gesture for two countries usually plagued by mutual suspicion.
While this is all a polite and glitzy gesture, many see it as a way of covering up problems that plague the city.
The symbolism of the gesture is everything one could wish.
The gesture was probably the highest honour she could bestow on anyone.
Ironically, this gesture of self-confidence comes at a time of fierce debate over the policies that made it possible.
The system hinges on the ability to use a differentiated enough pattern so each gesture can be looked up quickly in a database.
But it is a third gesture which is fueling speculation.
In practice, each gesture amounts to a partial circle.
The gesture-detecting technology would involve a library of gesture commands that could be used to easily share data.
When asked what the gesture means, many fans aren't exactly sure.
He then began to spit into the wig and made a thumbs down gesture.
In both cases, speaking some of the native language is a friendly gesture that shows you care about the country and its people.
But that doesn't mean a ban on the sale of fur products is an empty gesture.
They might be the only ones in the world who perform this distinctive gesture.
In another experiment he applied a mild shock to people's skin and had them gesture as soon as they felt it.
How easy it would have been, in an impulsive gesture, to reach out to one of them.
The former makes good sense, the latter was a gesture of nobles oblige.
The dogs would approach, make a play gesture, and wait a second.
Maybe it's a small gesture, but every little bit helps.
Since he holds nothing sacred it was an entirely empty gesture which meant nothing.
But the plan is certainly a gesture in the right direction.
When she swept the air in a gesture meant to include them all in her opening remarks, her hands fixed their gazes.
Perry's plan is the right kind of symbolic gesture for the electorate he's trying to reach.
Video cameras recorded every facial expression, gesture, and change of tone.
Besides, she wouldn't have accepted my gesture with anything but scorn.
She lifts her hand in the gesture she has seen her grandchildren use to wave an eager hello.
He places his hand on my shoulder in a gesture of healing.
In a gesture to the law, it was sold under the counter.
The gesture was incomprehensible and full of menace, and no one could say to whom or at what it might be directed.
Television is wedded to the dramatic gesture, and legislative bodies when legislating rarely act in a theatrical fashion.
The gesture at the forest felt theatrical, but that had a rightness too.
Either you believe in the supernatural effect of this gesture-and then you should dearly wish for it.
Firstly, his gesture in not naming me is unnecessary.
As long as the repression continues, the promise to lift the state of emergency is only an empty public relations gesture.
But many among us foresee the river's planned canopy delivering a benign gesture.
Not to be outdone by his sister, he couches in one gesture several others.
The enumeration of indigenous authorities and friends, however, strikes me as itself a traditional gesture.
With the news of the kidnapping spread in headlines across the country, it seemed a footling gesture.
If political negotiations had been delayed until such a gesture had been made, they might never have taken place.
It does so by asking pedestrians for directions and using gesture tracking and voice recognition to interpret commands.
The danger with a gesture-based interface is that the gestures that work aren't immediately obvious.
It was a dramatic gesture, and one that almost no attorney would have encouraged.
Such a modest volume was a fitting, elegant gesture, even while it omitted reference to many of the works her legacy comprises.
The slightest look or gesture could send him into a panic of self-doubt.
Spotting me, he smiled and made a hand gesture of recognition.
It is a gesture of forgiveness and a thank-you, to be sure.
His first gesture is to see if the cameraman is all right.
The evening as a whole feels sculpted-no gesture, no word, no visual choice is arbitrary or wasted.
His first gesture, once the play begins, is to walk up to the painting and feel the canvas with the flat of his hand.
In one violent gesture, the pratfall condensed the culture's dynamism and panic.
Everyone laughed, but the gesture became an infamous one.
They gesture toward the heavens, but they speak the language of high-end real estate.
The gesture has offended many by seeming to pile an insult of fantasized fire onto the injury of only too real water.
It's a simple gesture that can make a happy situation happier or help someone overcome with sadness feel a little better.
Significant differences were found in gesture production when narrating to attentive versus inattentive listeners.
The way she makes her curvaceous response to the small, kind gesture.
Whatever the possible outcomes, this last, desperate gesture is one that has to be made.
Its gestures may be futile, but as a race it is a master of gesture.
We project diva-size personalities and try to interpret every gurgle and gesture.
And his hand fanned across the air between us, a gesture both subtle and appreciative.

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