gesticulate in a sentence

Example sentences for gesticulate

Usually the halves became a whole with both men lounging and leaping up by turns to pace, argue or gesticulate.
All they do is grunt and make faces and gesticulate, but somehow or other they're very entertaining.
But I gesticulate wildly myself.
It makes it sound cooler and lets me gesticulate in ways otherwise forbidden.
Well, in my defense, I typically gesticulate within my car confines.
Just as often they gesticulate emphatically.
The porters still gesticulate and exchange private jokes when they assume my attention is elsewhere.
Spectator's arms gesticulate wildly in the grandstands.
It is also true that bonobos tend to gesticulate when calling, and that vocal activity among them is high.
Counsel will ensure that those people do not comment or gesticulate in the courtroom or quarrel in the court house.

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