gestation in a sentence

Example sentences for gestation

The resulting embryo then descends into the uterus and attaches itself for gestation.
Translation: expensive publicity for an idea that was already in gestation.
We don't suddenly become human at some point during gestation.
Each canvas represented a long, morose gestation spent in solitary thought.
Cook's biggest strength is moving products from gestation to the hands of over-eager customers.
The gestation stretched out to five years, but the original blueprint apparently was sound.
If there were economic causes of that revolt, they probably had a long gestation.
After a normal gestation period, the cloned foals are born.
That's plugging along well, with the manuscript's due date the end of this year, and its gestation so far on target.
The extraordinary length of the book's gestation meant that much changed between conception and publication.
One thing that mammalian species have to get right in order to interbreed is the gestation period.
In aerospace, the gestation period for innovations can be even longer.
The tissues normally fuse during the seventh to ninth weeks of gestation.
Some have long gestation periods, others short ones.
After a long gestation period, a famously uneasy partnership delivers an album.
The gestation period of large coal plants is six to seven years.
The gestation period of solar plants is less than a year.
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