gesso in a sentence

Example sentences for gesso

His monochromatic work is executed with graphite sticks and gesso washes, merging drawing with painting.
Along a corridor, gilders are delicately brushing gold leaf onto gesso-coated poles.
Others are presented on the sides of gesso-primed wooden cubes, suggesting specimen drawers used by collectors.
The nail is first hammered into the surface, then countersunk, and the resulting hole filled with gesso putty or additional compo.
Instead, the artists were taught to paint with tempera on wooden panels that were first treated with gesso.
The surface of the painted gesso plaster was textured by designs impressed with punching tools.
Once the pot is bone dry, it can be covered with acrylic gesso to seal the surface.
Although quick drying, egg tempera was difficult to apply and especially difficult to change once on the gesso panels he used.
Below the corbels is a rectangular mirror in a gesso frame angled downward to reflect the animals and their riders.
White gesso was the base paint, then a metallic gold.
Flaws and joins in the wood were covered with linen and smoothed with gesso or plaster ground.
Gesso can also be built up or molded into relief designs, or carved.
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