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Example sentences for geriatric

Hip and knee arthroplasty in the geriatric population.
The geriatric overhang now seems to have been dealt with.
His task is to reinvent a company whose main business is not so much mature as geriatric.
The magazine's cover subjects have become somewhat younger and its articles have a less geriatric tone.
However, geriatric depression is epidemic in our society and far less prevalent in traditional societies in the developing world.
Although in practice, health care and geriatric care is gradually becoming one and the same thing.
It conjured up images of geriatric males waking from one board meeting only to take lunch before moving on to snooze at another.
Animals feel strain of old age, zoos develop geriatric care.
He's running a weak third and needs to stem the leakage of cranky and deranged white geriatric votes.

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Memorial services are the cocktail parties of the geriatric set.... more
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