geothermal gradient in a sentence

Example sentences for geothermal gradient

The rate of change of temperature with depth is referred to as the geothermal gradient.
Future maps in the series will include information on geothermal gradient and relevant lithologic data.
Reflectance values show a regional trend caused by burial and the geothermal gradient.
It is theorized that the cave is heated from below by geothermal gradient.
These portions are extremely hot as a result of the natural geothermal gradient.
Limited data from deep drill holes in the area do not indicate a high geothermal gradient.
Core holes are geothermal gradient holes, which attempt to measure the geothermal gradient.
Temperature at a given depth h is estimated as the geothermal gradient multiplied by h and added to the ground temperature.
Temperature change with depth is known as the geothermal gradient.
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