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Birds, however, often flourish in geopolitical conflict zones.
Gradually, his interests evolved to include photographic reportage that addressed news as well as geopolitical and social issues.
It began as an effort to minimize geopolitical risk but it quickly expanded to ecological risk.
The policy makes no sense on technical, geopolitical or economic grounds.
Short of this, geopolitical and economic interests usually resort to warfare in dealing with resource issues.
Instead of championing climate change as the sole reason to overhaul energy generation pair it to geopolitical issues.
Burning them pollutes our environment and our geopolitical strategy is hamstrung by their power over economic activity.
The council tracks students collectively from that region because of its geopolitical importance.
The council tracks students from the region because of its geopolitical importance.
And the need for reliable sources of energy becomes more evident with every geopolitical tremor.
And despite what self-proclaimed realists say, the national interest is broader than protection against geopolitical threats.
It has a deep research component that includes experts who understand geopolitical risk.
Complications and conspiracies, both literary and geopolitical, ensue.
And the fighting continues, a sort of geopolitical muscle memory, as though airplanes and supertankers hadn't been invented.
Having a platform, in this geopolitical theory, makes you a superpower.
We designed games by starting with a geopolitical situation and crafting an environment that breeds heroes.
The geopolitical, economic and social reasons for its emergence have disappeared.
Heavy clouds are gathering on the geopolitical horizon, which lends a special poignancy to the domestic comings and goings.
Yet a host of geopolitical risks threatens to disrupt global economic activity.
The relationship is indeed a geopolitical keystone for both countries.
Nor did it buttress its geopolitical interests with tanks.
Thus the real fight about pipelines is as much about geopolitical influence as about the oil business itself.
These hulks owe their existence to a combination of geopolitical and technical developments.
Other demographic shifts have carried different but critical geopolitical consequences.
Because crude oil is a globally traded commodity, natural and geopolitical events can affect its price.
Infectious diseases can be transmitted from population to population regardless of geopolitical boundaries.
Demand can vary with the global economy, geopolitical factors and with weather.
The sub-state lines on the map are county lines, which allow users to orient themselves to familiar geopolitical boundaries.
The uncertainty that surrounds the baseline can be broken down into three main types: economic, geopolitical, and legislative.
Particularly useful for those interested in understanding geopolitical determinants of economic integration.
The pipeline project has always had a strong geopolitical undertone.
And in a world where geopolitical rivalry is intensifying, that's a recipe for deadlock.
Jan may be a geopolitical dimwit, but he is extraordinarily shrewd when it comes to his own career in the restaurant business.
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