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One of my favorite high-school subjects was geometry.
The first biometric technology to become widely used was hand geometry.
Balance and geometry play a crucial role in successful composition.
Many cosmologists think the universe's shape may be best described using hyperbolic geometry.
Dark energy also helps explain the geometry of the universe, and how the shape of the universe has changed over time.
Geometry dictates that only two-, three-, four- and sixfold rotational symmetry can exist.
Scientists have discovered they use geometry to find their way home again.
The geometry and properties of space diverge along two formulations, according to whether matter or space is dominant.
Geometry dictates that only two-, three-, four- and six-fold rotational symmetry can exist.
Researchers said the power, voltage, and lifetime of the battery can be improved by adjusting the geometry and materials used.
Examining the geometry of fault zones offers clues to the level and the direction of the stress exerted on the rock.
All of them tend to be abstract, frequently inspired by geometry but almost always asymmetrical.
In the play of our lights, the natural geometry of the corridor is breathtaking.
Which would have been a contracting universe with space time geometry similar to our own.
Geometry uses logic to build theory from self-evident axioms.
The revelation is, of course, not one of geometry but one of proportions.
On the one hand it can refer to eigenvalues and eigenvectors in geometry.
Occasionally, poets have come along to liberate type from the jailhouse of geometry.
Differential geometry can show us the shortest route between two points.
The bike also sports different geometry to decrease the turning radius and improve handling.
Imagine replacing the sequence of algebra, geometry and calculus with a sequence of finance, data and basic engineering.
He connected the whole landscape with the geometry of the circle and the ellipse.
Rays are fired from the camera and intersections are calculated with the geometry.
Only the grazing cattle and the regular geometry of power lines and telephone poles persuade the driver otherwise.
The games often revolve around spelling, trivia, arithmetic or geometry.
Another algebra program and a geometry offering are coming out now.
He read extensively and took college-level courses in philosophy, geometry, architectural drawing and a host of other subjects.
The difference is a matter of geometry, atmosphere, and language.
The x-rays, for instance, have helped astronomers get a better picture of the geometry of the explosion.
Ask any parent whose fifteen-year-old has decided that cannabis is more fun than geometry.
The mathematical portions penalize those who have not brushed up on high school algebra and geometry.
He found boring almost every subject but geometry, so beautiful in its deductions, and chemistry.
Narrow, winding streets were rearranged into the neat geometry of spacious public squares and broad boulevards.
In order to do its job, an active site must have precise geometry and chemical makeup, tailored to the reaction it catalyzes.
Other researchers had previously theorized that geometry matters in tissue development.
The new work exploits that ultrathin geometry to make two types of circuits.
Despite their challenge, many become proficient at geometry, stats and computer programming.
Such findings would suggest a geometry that is not so easy to wrap our minds around.
Of course this will require a new understanding concerning the complexity of the structure of space-time geometry.
It solved some major problems in algebraic geometry-about a dozen of them.
He has found that their geometry can change into an arch.
The first line of evidence for this mystery component comes from measurements of the geometry of the universe.
All it takes is a little knowledge of geometry, and a diagram to show you the way.
Furthermore, it may be that the geometry of the landscape is not constructible in principle.
Historically, integrals arose first in geometry, in connection with the problem of finding the areas of curved shapes.

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