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If somebody would recompute these as geometric mean annual returns, it would be useful.
In an impossible figure, seemingly real objects-or parts of objects-form geometric relations that physically cannot happen.
Geometric steppingstones crossing a small pool give the illusion of walking on water.
It is an inescapable truth of mathematics that any geometric progression will overtake any arithmetic one given enough time.
In a formal setting, climbing plants are often made to follow geometric pathways.
Several small geometric changes combine in a radically different bicycle from the standard diamond-frame comfort bike.
For all the attention, the critics were divided and his geometric abstractions did not sell well.
He tweaked its simple geometric formations into real time.
The seeming disorder of calcite highlights the geometric precision of fluorite.
The program begins with gumdrops and toothpicks used to make geometric constructs.
Curves in the range hood and shelf-support brackets add softness to the geometric cabinets, tiles, and appliances.
Could be useful in making pretty geometric patterns.
It would be interesting to see what geometric images were used.
Envelop yourself in sumptuous hand-painted silk scarves whose bold geometric patterns evoke the marble floors of st.
The meaning of these and other older engravings depicting geometric patterns remains a mystery.
Soft textures and a few simple geometric shapes encourage restfulness.
Every national flag in the world shares a common geometric characteristic, except for one country.
In his research, he has found fascinating geometric patterns in crowds-images are included on his site.
Perhaps the human population would avoid the tendency towards geometric growth altogether.
The visitor is confronted with white walls that set off brightly colored geometric forms.
These attract the calcite particles, which build up on the membrane in crisp, geometric columns until they make a shell.
The designer started with jackets that were marked by geometric shapes but mostly showed off his impeccable tailoring.
The aggressive drumming and geometric dance moves soon animated our entire group.
Fractals are a kind of geometric shape that looks incredibly complex but is actually composed of repeating patterns.
With humans, this social density is considered more critical than geometric spatial density.
His works include colossal paintings and canvas filled with colored geometric shapes.
His works are famous for their bold colors and geometric shapes.
Indeed, rats reliably learn to swim directly for the platform, as long as the geometric markings remain constant.
Geometric patterns have produced an interface of lines and squares.
The bright geometric designs are supposed to welcome guests.
From anatomical labels to geometric proofs, clear and effective displays of data come in all shapes and sizes.
If you want to be really evil, you could use the harmonic or geometric mean instead of the arithmetic mean.
What holds all these changing colors and plant palettes together is geometric order.
Winter-white petals stun with their geometric shape.
Suddenly bursts of flashing strobe lights generate astonishing geometric patterns.
Along the way they developed a distinctive style, noted for its lively improvisations and geometric simplicity.
All but five have geometric appliqu├ęs in fire engine red.
Each of the items had different colored tags with geometric symbols.
Population growth is a nearly geometric progression.
BB can be limited, and should be, through some form of taxation and fees which increase in a geometric progression as size grows.
For that reason alone their wealth should be taxed far higher to discourage the geometric growth that it's generating.
And some music seems to express a timeless perfection--call it geometric.
Some are simply geometric shapes--colored squares or triangles rising from the floor, for instance.
Sixth-graders study geometric progression by doing graphic-art projects.
There's a geometric relationship between finding the resource and using it.
The artist shaped his jellied substance into giant geometric forms, so that the sense of pure color and volume predominated.
Picture a geometric figure that's colored partly red and partly blue.
Depicted as a geometric shape, this pattern conforms to a donut-shaped figure known as a torus.
Phantom stairways to heaven and other geometric figures haunt the observer.
In the game, they would walk up to a table with a colored geometric solid sitting on it.
Actually, that animation is a persuasive demonstration of plate tectonics using a novel geometric approach.
And it produces wonderful visualizations: geometric shapes, molecular diagrams, orbit plots.
Geometric space can not move in other geometric space.
The pattern is geometric and strong-concentric, tangential, and overlapping circles- with cinnabar the predominant color.
The revised look is mod, geometric, and slightly space age.
Many of them are geometric: dots, orbs, metastasizing lattices.
He evinces a blind spot for painting, with inert geometric canvases, but never a failure of nerve.
The rigid protein coats of bacteriophages give them defined geometric shapes.
Currently, the cube shows only a repeating geometric pattern.
PS operates on the geometric principle of triangulation: calculating location by measuring the distance to other known points.
The complex, geometric colour patterns of many animal bodies have important roles in behaviour and ecology.
He extracted retinal tissue from amphibians and exposed the living tissue to a series of simple geometric patterns.
Early on, he showed a preternatural talent for visualizing complex geometric shapes.
Visualizing a recording this way lets you describe the music in terms of geometric shapes instead of as a bunch of frequencies.
Every surface of his office is covered with geometric puzzles and toys.
Perspective drawings lose their depth if rendered in colors of equal brightness, as do drawings of geometric figures.
The body could indeed be radiographed all at the same time as far as distortion and geometric factors are concerned.
The design will match the color and geometric shapes that are borrowed from the casino and the tribe.
Cracked, shatter-effect polishes are specially formulated lacquers that create a splitting, geometric appearance on the nail.
The restaurant focuses on creative presentations and uses decorative geometric-shaped plates to present sushi in an artful way.
The geometric patterns in the pillows are carried forward into the carpet, and dark wood furnishings give a luxurious feel.
These guest rooms display a geometric retro design with a resort-style feel.
These things spread in this geometric way that's really terrifying.
The decorative pitchers combine geometric designs with images of animals such as frogs, birds, and snakes.
Bold geometric patterns highlighting the facial features may represent tattoos, which were likely badges of rank.
First they place the steel rods down on a grid of supports, which result in a perfectly geometric arrangement.
But all those steadfast geometric tea sets and tubular steel furnishings drew lines in the collective consciousness.

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