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She got straight A's in geology classes.
The pace doesn't make for scintillating geology lectures or textbooks.
One innocent explanation for such discrepancies is geology.
For those who sidestepped geology in college, obsidian is a volcanic glass.
Cosmology, geology and evolutionary biology flatly contradict the literal truths of creation myths from around the world.
The climate is moderate, but the topography is rugged and the geology varied.
My 84 year old brother is very interested in geology.
The young Holmes was enamored of natural history and geology.
In geology each series of rocks covers an æon, or an indetinite and immeasurable period of time.
Coal seams, like oilfields, vary hugely in their geology.
She had little formal education and so taught herself anatomy, geology, paleontology and scientific illustration.
The local geology created conditions that kept many a foundation repair company with quite a backlog of work.
To him, it is a consequence of the computer industry's shifting geology.
The country's wealth owes more to an accident of geology-those oil and gas deposits-than to creativity or innovation.
Scope for increasing the contribution of the first two is limited by geology.
Guides talk in detail about the geology, plant and animal life, and history of the valley.
The gradual changes that can occur in these properties of a river system are related to climate, topography, and geology.
One of the best ways to study a city's geology is to look at outcrops revealed during construction projects.
The region's geology and biology make it a fascinating place, unique among our national parks.
The group agreed to look at it as a formal problem in geology.
But historians aren't sure how deep their knowledge went of the reef's geology and animal life.
Discussions about regional geology, the rock cycle, and mineral resources are included.
Alas, the others capture little of geology beyond its glacial pace.
In geology, it doesn't matter whether society calls these things continents or not.
The geology indicates it's been battered by eons of tsunamis and earthquakes.
Not to mention that a lot of the more difficult geology work done on the moon could not have been done strictly via robots.

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