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According to climatologists, atmospheric instability eventually influences geological stability.
Popular account of a five-year journey of geological, botanical, biological and paleontological observation.
Though the history is long, it contains little drama: major shifts in capitalist power centers occur at an almost geological pace.
Instead of wearing thin they wear thick, and in their stratification have no small geological significance.
Those frequent and radical changes of course, inevitable in geological time, are the challenge in the here and now.
If they inject it into the right kind of geological structure, and deep enough below the surface, it stays there.
Kerogens form naturally as sedimentary organic matter is compressed and heated during geological processes.
Refocus student attention on the geological disasters they researched, and ask them if they know what caused the events.
Coal is a fossil fuel, and a sedimentary rock that is formed by geological action over millions of years.
Partly buried by flakes of battleship-gray rock is a telling geological formation.
Due to the plodding geological shifts of the continents, the city is sinking at a rate of two and a half inches per decade.
Although its legs were preserved in place, geological processes destroyed the rest of its skeleton.
Additional fossils with detailed geological data will be needed to settle this argument.
There are numerous geological formations to explore such as pit craters, caves and lava tubes.
Avoid unnecessarily damaging the geological formations.
Others insist that the geological data fail to support this configuration.
As can be seen, a variety of interesting geological formations surround them.
Of course human beings are going to leave a footprint in the geological timeline.
They find that this holds for some weather-related disasters, but not for geological disasters.
All this has curbed the country's ability to capitalise on its geological wealth.
The overall impression is one of geological majesty and extraordinary mineral wealth.
In part this is because oil is getting harder to find, for geological and political reasons.
It could also hover down a cliff face to examine geological strata.
On the upside, geological constraints have created a plateau of production that even nosebleed prices can't greatly increase.
Another official said frequent geological disasters were putting lives at risk.
There is the basic geological and anatomical data, but restoring ancient interactions and ecosystems is often a tricky process.
Scientists point out that the duration of a day can change depending on different geological events.
Dates in geological time can be relative or absolute.
Increased geological activity would speed up the process of the continental split.
Nearly two hours after the quake struck, the local geological agency lifted it's tsunami warning.

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