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Pause at one of the pullouts and you'll get a sense of the geologic powers that shaped the canyon.
Geothermal is useful in areas where there are the right geologic formations.
It is a human contest on a nearly geologic time scale.
We know that not all locations are amenable to geologic storage, but where conditions are good, they should be considered.
On a geologic scale this may prove to be a hiatus, since the reservoirs upstream are silting up.
These plants rely on relatively rare geologic formations.
Unless this is another example of lousy publicly available geologic data.
The cave is also of geologic interest because of its rich sulfur deposits.
Have students look at this geologic timeline and read the caption.
They all hide a tumultuous geologic history beneath their level disguise.
All are latecomers to a geologic drama that has played out over millions of years.
Rising from the debris of an ancient landslide, they bear witness to the geologic upheavals that shaped these lands.
Compared with its geologic history, the diamond's history as an object of human desire has lasted barely an instant.
Experience thousands of years of human history, and millions of years of geologic history.
It tells the story from early geologic time through the many people who lived here up to today.
Many of the trails loop through national forest and geologic areas with amazing scenery and natural wonders.
The land begins to change as signs of geologic turmoil appear.
Catastrophists believed the same geologic products were the result of cataclysmic events that reshaped the land abruptly.
At some point, it would be great to get all my photos of sedimentary structures and other geologic features in there.
Making a geologic map is essentially posing a hypothesis about the nature of the geology in an area.
The data rendering once again conveys the scale of this event, though this time from a geologic point of view.
Ratios of isotopes of krypton and xenon present in the geologic reservoir don't match the ratios seen in today's atmosphere.
The finds also overturn long-held wisdom about the continent's geologic history.
In the future, the depletion of hydrogen will dry out our oceans and all but shut down geologic cycles that stabilize the climate.
First and foremost, they do not reveal precisely when these geologic disruptions occurred.
The sample came from a formation with similar geologic characteristics over a large area, not a small anomalous region.
Geologic rock formations, precipitation and surrounding surface areas all play a role.
The region is distinctive with sweeping canyons and colorful geologic rock formations.
Geological national parks and monuments have at their heart a geologic feature.
Ancient geologic evidence of the climate going haywire raise real concerns for the planet's future.
Deeper into the geologic past, dust bowls endured for centuries.
He believed that microbes played an important role in oil formation and in other geologic processes.
Immediate success based on inflexible complexity therefore spells geologic doom.
It's an entire airless, lifeless world with almost no geologic activity.
Instead, county planners will require smaller-scale work on geologic hazards, road requirements and utilities and fire service.

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