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Morality knows nothing of geographical boundaries or distinctions of race.
My morality is not cribbed, cabined, and confined by geographical lines.
The winding and intricacy of the geographical color line varies, of course, in different communities.
These people had long ago been cut off by geographical changes from the rest of the species, and from stimulation and improvement.
As for geographical names, the material available is confined chiefly to incomplete and chaotic word-lists.
The feeling here is that of nationality in the strictest sense, nationality in a purely local or geographical sense.
The country experiences some geographical variation.
Mountains, valleys, desert and ocean define stunning geographical beauty.
The nation can be roughly divided into three distinct geographical regions.
Corridors are links between different geographical regions that allow wildlife to migrate and find food and mates.
One alternative is to look for part time programs in your geographical area.
Sometimes, financial concerns and geographical concerns are important factors affecting how students choose a college.
One had to choose between two evils because of the geographical reasons.
Each satellite has a small footprint, so its bandwidth can be used only in the narrow geographical area beneath it.
Citizens gain unprecedented mobility, transcending all geographical and national barriers.
Already, broadband has cracked the illusion that geographical location is irrelevant.
As students may already know, geographical factors have impacted the course of history in many ways.
For each map they were shown, respondents were asked to identify a series of specific countries and geographical features.
Students will think about how various geographical pursuits can help in this planning process.
Have them click on both species of pilot whale, one at a time, and look at the map of each species' geographical range.
Of particular interest is the abundance of historical and geographical notes.
Have students write a folktale that explains the origin of a local geographical feature.
They also estimated the maximum width of geographical bottlenecks along the animals' paths.
Some academics have spent years squirrelling around for proxies for gun ownership in given geographical areas.
The other is protesting against the first, but also over a geographical injustice.
What is special about this tsunami is the geographical extent of the devastation and the number of countries affected.
As the geographical spread has tellingly shifted, so has the mix of products on display.
The government now wants to reintroduce some geographical fairness, but minus dukes.
BP, for example, declines to provide the requested geographical breakdown of the government subsidies that it receives.
It used local mortgage-default and foreclosure figures to estimate geographical immobility.
It also leads to electoral boundaries drawn purely to maximise political gain but making no geographical or administrative sense.
The quality of the goods on sale, it now appears, was every bit as alarming as the geographical scope of his network.
It has an ideal time zone and geographical location.
His critics argue that the geographical distribution of immigrants is not random.
Furthermore, there are advantages in having geographical clusters of cable customers.
Globalization, in some cases, doesn't loosen up the ties of a brand to a nation or certain geographical area.
Aspects not only of seasonal perfection but of geographical suitability affected the menu planning.
Even more intriguing is the potential for newspaper maps for geographical and linguistic research.
So it's not so much a matter of geographical distance as it is of a prevailing tradition over a large part of the country.
Ironically, they have achieved a stigma among whites of a certain political-geographical orientation.
Put aside the political implications of this geographical ignorance.
The geographical distribution of the population--the refugees have not been drawn evenly from all provinces.
Yet for a certain generation of kids, it was one of our earliest bases of geographical knowledge.
But the situation is different where the precedent comes from an inferior court sitting in another geographical area.
No such virus has ever spread so quickly over such a wide geographical area.
They grouped the recipes into geographical groups and then studied how the foods and their flavours are linked.
The site's main technological advance lies in its ability to mine geographical information from news stories.
The result is a network that reflects the geographical structure of the fault zone it describes.
Transportation costs cam be huge considering the potentially wide geographical dispersion of low capacity generators.
We didn't get the geographical extent of sulfates right.
As you can see there are tight geographical clusters.
The results won't tell you about your immediate family, but they'll reveal the geographical origins of your deeper ancestry.
There are two clear pictures of geographical features.
They're more restricted by geographical factors, such as the presence of nearby nest sites.
The geographical labels are for obscure populations.
Not only that, but they weighted the geographical variation by population density.
Every writer has a professional, geographical, or disciplinary bent.
Lines are stylized, there having been little geographical information to constrain the draftsman's hand.
It is a natural process that has its own historical, cultural, and geographical logic.
Hence there are many historical and geographical errors in the texts of those years.
It is a rising regional power that enjoys the benefit of immense geographical reach and huge natural resources.
Relevant, too, will be the record of other flights that have lost radio contact in this same geographical region.
The cold war was fought on many fronts, not all of them geographical and some of them within national frontiers.
Grandparents are learning to close two gaps--geographical and emotional--with one airplane.

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