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Geographic and methodological specializations are open.
Hence the decline of community ties may well be connected to continued geographic mobility.
But mostly geographic discovery depended on the ship.
Hmm, it seems to me that the relationship is confounded by geographic region.
Go to the national geographic web site and you will see the oil that is still there today.
Its geographic location, on the top of a hill, only reinforced this gulf.
It's not exactly the places you'd expect to see, and neither is there a clear geographic pattern.
Targeted investments can trump a region's geographic disadvantages.
Pew also weighted the total results to make them nationally representative by geographic region.
Believe it or not, bees forage in a similar geographic pattern to that of serial killers committing crimes.
Probably pretty obvious, but start imagining other geographic locations.
The bottom line seems to be that there are clear geographic benefits from diversification.
It suggests that the languages are related in ways that are consistent with geographic relationships between them.
Those debates lacked a clear geographic component, but it's unlikely that the presence of one would have been decisive.
Companies can have the same trademark name as long as they are in different geographic or product markets.
The software attempts to support normal role play by automating the calculations and animating the battles in a geographic space.
The chart does not intuitively depict the geographic trends at play.
The pictures are tagged with precise geographic positions.
Online courses have long been a boon for soldiers who want to participate in college despite geographic displacement.
Geographic density and number of users per road is much more important than congestion.
The reason is fleets stick to a particular geographic area.
Other geographic areas and job sectors are still in good shape and growing.
Nobody wants to feel condescended to, and the geographic subordination is often part of the same thought process.
The real subject of this piece is the importance of geographic diversity in one's literary upbringing.
There are geographic restrictions on development in the form of the ocean and the bay.
Because the geographic distances are small, it's easy to combine a lot of destinations.
Thus the rebels failed to coordinate with other groups within the general geographic area they were fighting in.
Prior to the warming, this geographic area lacked trees and provided only sparse forage.
Speciation is often caused by a geographic barrier that keeps populations from mating.
The answer has been to layer on yet more regulation aimed at enforcing uniform pricing, geographic coverage and quality standards.
As a result of globalization, large family firms could increase their size and their geographic range.
And they have near real-time, non-geographic access to each other.
The questions of security, connectivity, backup and actual geographic location of hardware all need to be addressed and answered.
We worried initially about including companies located beyond our geographic region.
Such protests are growing in intensity and geographic reach, degrading the royal stature with every chant.
There may be potential successors, though none with the legitimacy required to straddle geographic and political divides.
In short, its genealogy is epistemological rather than geographic.
Ridge has already begun marketing the test in a limited geographic area on the basis of existing results.
Geographic isolation plus economic disparity equals no revolution.
The video below shows the geographic distribution of the changing temperatures.
The means migration can be seen even more clearly in the increasing geographic concentration of college graduates.
On the reverse side is a geographic map, in which the territory the lines cross is the actual landscape of the city.
The geographic isolation of the southeast-culminating in the conscription to the wilderness of the mountains-is immense.
We find a lot of society in a smallish geographic space.
Geographic distance allows the observer to embrace the large context of world literature.
The downside of our geographic freedom is that our families have been dispersed across the land.
Those continents were essentially walled off by geographic barriers.
They have strong relationships with a lot of people in a lot of different geographic locations.
One species rarely turns into another by total transformation over its entire geographic range.
His team's answer, basically, is geographic and administrative isolation.
Because the devils came from opposite ends of the island, they represented the maximum geographic spread of the species.
Remote sensing, in its various forms, is fundamental to geographic science.

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