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Maybe even geo nuclear with geothermal and nuclear to give the end boost of power to a geothermal plant.
Because it's an extinct geo-political society, there is an added archaeological dimension.
Now the age of geopolitics has given way to an age of what be called geo-economics.
Alternatively, the high-scorers may simply have relatively fewer interesting things to geo-tag.
But part of what keeps people using these geo-services are the incentives systems linked to the products.
It would be a geo-strategic error of historic proportions.
One wonders whether some informed readers actually feel rather than think their way into geo-politics.
Their projects are based on an old geo-political paradigm, instead of a modern geo-economic one.
If you're a hip and happening outdoor resort these days, you offer geo-caching.
Automated geo graphic awareness makes environmental change as obvious as a slap in the face.
Geo-engineering is less proven and a lot more dangerous than geo-sequestration.
The point of this article is to show how ridiculous geo-engineering models can be.
Oh dear, you must have failed your basic geo-sciences.
Some geo-engineers want to spray sulphur dioxide in the high atmosphere to fight off climate change.
Geo-thermal engineering, apparently, is a possible answer of last resort.

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If America does not wish to end her days in the same nursing home as Britannia she had best end this geo-ba... more
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