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Example sentences for gentrification

The tide of gentrification that transformed economically depressed enclaves is receding, leaving some communities high and dry.
As gentrification gathered pace, property prices exploded.
The goal of many local leaders has been the retention of that history in the busy swirl of gentrification.
And in both the real and virtual world, nothing improves security more than gentrification.
Renovation and gentrification have already pushed up rents.
Continue past a slew of independent art galleries and witness the slow gentrification of a once ramshackle neighborhood.
As always happens, the artist rehabilitation has led to yuppie gentrification.
The over-all gentrification effect is likely positive for tax receipts, but this data doesn't say that for sure.
Gentrification and home ownership have left their mark.
Gentrification continues in the city centre and beyond.
And gentrification is proceeding at such a sputtering pace, only two loft buildings have been converted into housing.
Gentrification and the loss of longtime congregants have left some houses of worship with sparsely populated pews.
But real estate development and gentrification have already transformed the area.
Today, it is undergoing urban renewal and gentrification.
Gentrification has brought an abundance of good eateries.
Under gentrification, the bookstores gave way to dry-cleaning joints and real-estate offices.
But the idea that gentrification can be meaningfully slowed by refusing to let real estate brokers change neighborhood names.
Perhaps inevitably, there have been cries of gentrification.
Now that the neighborhood is more gentrified, perhaps they should rename it after someone who represents gentrification.
Total gentrification of the downtown area worries her deeply.
Upsurge in gentrification in urban and inner ring areas.
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