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There was no way a gentleman could refuse such warm invitations.
If you're a lady it's not uncommon for a gentleman to hold the door for you.
He had managed to remain a gentleman in a sport where brutality was so often the mark of a champion.
He is still sorely missed, a true gentleman if ever there was one.
After slipping on a children's toy, the retired gentleman could not get back up.
Your correspondent's lap was as good a place as any for one elderly gentleman.
On the other hand a soft heart, it appears, wins a gentleman.
The immigration of illegal citizens is a dangerous and costly problem- as the above gentleman suggested.
Daniels is a soft-spoken gentleman who carefully considers his answers, so the interview took a little longer than expected.
He's also a crack gentleman amateur political theorist.
As for the gentleman narrator, yes they were human monsters.
The older gentleman that you're mentioning, it seemed to me.
The other gentleman extended the metaphor, but you extended to another level.
He is in many ways a throwback to the golden age of the gentleman explorer, one of the last of that peripatetic breed.
He's kind of a heavyset gentleman, not known for his hip-hop kicks, so it was quite a show.
After the video, a tiny, wiry gentleman with a thatch of white hair approached the lectern.
When walking with a lady, a gentleman always takes the side closest to traffic.
Such a request might fly with a sugar daddy, but this ├╝ber-rich gentleman was pursuing me by traditional methods.
Martial ridicules a gentleman of his day whose countenance resembled the face of a swimmer seen under water.
Hay had not only the manners of a gentleman, but also the special carriage of a diplomat.
Obsessed by the idea of being a gentleman, he spent an hour every morning dressing himself.
In other words, it is a gentleman's agreement without real enforcement provisions.
Such displays of animal high spirits were not, however, confined to the gentleman's later years.

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I'll sing you a new ballad, and I'll warrant it first-rate, Of the days of that old gentleman who had that ... more
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