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We might serve it in some kind of gentle broth with home-grown shiitake mushrooms and daikon.
It is life changing to witness first hand the intelligence and gentle nature of the orangutans.
Above all else, be kind and gentle and understanding toward yourself.
To achieve the same end one also should be kind and gentle to others.
Nature is supposed to be red in tooth and claw, and domestication an artificial process for making animals gentle.
Everything about her is delicate: her smile, her gentle manner, and her soft voice.
The donor dog was chosen for his gentle nature and unique coat color.
Maybe, as the study results suggest, mothers have a special gift for giving that kind of gentle company.
Their poignant experiences are a gentle reminder of what matters at the end of the day.
The latest addition to its list of goodies is a hydrotherapy tub stimulating the feeling of lying in a gentle creek.
The gentle giants are filter feeders, swimming with their wide mouths open to collect plankton and small fish.
Modern humans did not get where they are by being pleasing or gentle.
Bonobos have a playful, gentle manner that is often reminiscent of human beings at their best.
No other tool is as gentle or gives you as much control.
Some people are not able to offer negative criticism in a gentle and helpful way.
But recovery risks being almost as gentle as the downturn.
We borrow space and create gentle disturbances for a few days.
Beyond the marker stretch cornfields, trees and gentle hills as far as the eye can see.
But the milk the gentle brown cows do give is proportionately higher in butterfat and protein.
The only sign of life is the gentle hum of hundreds of cooling fans.
They claim robots know cow psychology better, and are more gentle than humans.
It's possible to remove tough, greasy stains with gentle products that do not contain harmful chemical detergents.
Ancient societies consistently taught the gentle discipline of solitude.
With gentle tenacity, she pried loose memories of long-gone ancestors from elderly villagers.
Or run a gentle stream of water from the hose into basins or furrows around plants.
Remember this is a beta version, we're still making improvements, so be gentle.
Under the action of gentle heat and pressure, and in the absence of air, the biological debris turned into oil and gas.
Unfortunately, that will be after the demise of all these gentle creatures.
And its handsome zócalo is the gentle heart of that heart.
He is stocky and thickly bearded, with a gentle demeanor and immense knowledge.
Meet the generally gentle giant that is surprisingly fleet of foot.
The featured image in this article is gentle and eye catching.
Irrigate once a week or so using a gentle stream of water from the hose or a watering can with a narrow spout.
Green's words as an anti-press diatribe, compared to some of her counterparts, she's actually being quite gentle.
Most of the hike is gentle and shady, but the final scramble to the falls requires some dexterity.
Plug the thumb drive into a laptop, and its gentle red glow reminds you that it's working.
There is also some gentle sparring within the industry as to which way is best.
Kids also get a gentle introduction to animal life survival strategies such as migration and predation.
Although they have more delicate potato buds, they can be mashed, if you're gentle.
Soft, polyester tricot shell is gentle on your face yet stands up well to scrubbing.
Her large, dark eyes narrowed then, and her gentle voice acquired an edge.
Try this quiz and learn more about these gentle giants of the forest.
The ceiling was given a gentle pitch over the original beams.
But at first it will flow to the new members as a gentle stream rather than a mighty flood.
When frightened, these gentle insects release a bitter-tasting fluid from the joints in their legs.
He also altered the flat ceilings by adding a gentle pitch to the roof over the original beams.
The terror begins with a gentle swell and a certain feeling in the air.
The gentle art of beekeeping has been turned into a new art medium by these two artists.
Dip your fingers into the cleanser and apply it to your face and neck using a gentle circular motion.
They are impressive in their size and precision, taking little more than a gentle shove to swing open.
When the time comes for a good cleaning, simple natural solutions are gentle enough to do it safely.
But these are not all vacation-poster reefs bathed in bright, gentle waters.
Barnacles living in gentle waters have long, thin penises best equipped for maximum reach, the study found.
Find out what tiny creatures keep these gentle giants alive.
They look fierce, but are actually gentle herbivores, surviving exclusively on underwater algae and seaweed.
Take the plunge into the world of these gentle creatures.
Loved and admired for her gentle disposition and good heart.
And once loaded, the belt gripped the hips with a particularly gentle touch, despite chintzy plastic load-bearing reinforcement.
But for the brewers, a gentle long-term decline looks inevitable.
Of course, s/he did not go gentle into that good night.
Even the gentle art of tapestry itself was transmuted into violence.
Despite these gentle pursuits, his health is a worry.
The tone in this scene is warm, and the color is gentle.
It is only now that slow, gentle pressure from the top is producing inklings of change.
The gentle hiss of kerosene stoves from the kitchen tent in the distance, seemed to draw the collective attentions.
After our warm-up run in a gentle gully lined with aspens, the chopper picked up the group and flew us to a narrow ridge.
At dusk a gentle breeze came up and cooled things down.
The gentle sweep of the dune bisects the frame and the energy of the plant is reinforced by its stalks thrusting skyward.
But a continuous gentle descent to the airport would be more fuel-efficient.
The kids' eco-art provides shoppers with a gentle reminder to recycle.
Runny lava forms a gentle slope called a shield volcano.
Surprisingly, this gentle deterrent even works on her dogs, which used to lie down in these areas and smash her plants.
The playing is gentle, and the harmonies seem completely off the cuff.
Gentle, pH-balanced cleanser, followed by alcohol-free toner.
The gentle jolts activate certain neurons, reducing symptoms in some patients.
The global warming has been stopped by natural variability superimposed on the gentle anthropogenic global warming.
Some of us have even found a home in the waves, riding on gentle swells or braving roaring mountains of seawater.
His face possesses gentle features, but it is sickly pale.
There were mean ones and generous ones, aggressive ones and gentle ones.
The wind can shape those grains more easily, so they can form more gentle, smaller wavelike patterns.
Geologic formations indicate that the landscape during that era was a gentle, sloping plain.
His humor was gentle and not broad, and sly without being arch.
Perhaps the gentle surrealism of these objects is not entirely fascinating as sculpture.
These motors will also be used to guide it to its gentle landings.
Return to medium-low heat and bring to a gentle simmer, whisking.
The exfoliating cleanser was gentle but worked really well, and the anti-aging mist was really lovely.
Emphasize gentle camera moves, slow dissolves, and still camera shots.
Golden retrievers are known as friendly, gentle, and trustworthy dogs.
Soon enough the gentle sounds of the canyon were mingling with the happy laughter of children.
Healthy bacteria and phytoplankton give off a gentle glow of visible light.
Gentle stimulation of pressure receptors can result in ticklishness, gentle stimulation of pain receptors in itching.
Sea cows are gentle creatures, with few natural predators.
But if the water temperature drops a few degrees, the gentle giant awakes.
In the election, he showed voters his gentle, conciliatory side.
Now is the time for you, gentle reader, to weigh in with your vote.
The more gentle and docile the soul is, the more it advances in this simplicity.
The network of paths, when combined with the free shuttle bus, allows for short family strolls and longer-but-still-gentle hikes.
Sometimes a gentle word if you see it's not going away.
The snowfall bore about the same relation to a blizzard as a gentle breeze does to a gale.
Even more fancifully, the embroidery expands for philosophical utterances on the part of the gentle planter.
Fishing is good before and during a gentle rain but poor during and after a thunderstorm.
Fasting should be gentle and nurturing and can range from a one day to as long as a week.
Season with salt, then bring to a boil, cover and reduce heat to a gentle simmer.
It's aggressive and fast, and meat needs some gentle, loving treatment as well.
Lee is as stubborn as he is gentle, adamant about putting on film the beautiful stunts he had dreamed of since childhood.

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