gentility in a sentence

Example sentences for gentility

On film she seemed all big dark eyes, dazzling smile and invincible gentility.
His sweet gentility and uncommon wisdom will be greatly missed.
The old red blood and stainless gentility of great poets will be proved by their unconstraint.
His is a world devoid of harsh realities, a serene place where gentility is the essence of gracious living.
Her boldness and tenacity were remarkable in an era when society was obsessed with the trappings of gentility.
But if so, her loss of gentility did not bother her at all.
Seeking the lost gentility of her early life, she faces a mental breakdown because of the insensitivity of those around her.
Not only does this prove crucial to the novel's setting, but it has helped preserve a bygone era of splendor and gentility.
These show places were used to display the wealth and gentility of their owners and emphasized convenience in their designs.
She observed signs of gentility among the hustling crowd.

Famous quotes containing the word gentility

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