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However, few recent releases of this genre have so faithfully presented bossa nova and samba so far north of the equator.
Famous people dabbling in this lucrative genre is a centuries-old practice.
Pete Seeger is still singing the ballads that popularized folk music and transformed the genre into a call for action.
We watch it for the heightened wit and drama of scripted speech, or the hilarious awfulness of the reality genre.
If not then perhaps another genre of game may be what your looking for.
Although in the same genre, they are really totally different games.
It was a blockbuster and genre-buster at the same time.
The research statement seems like a very strange genre to write.
It mocks the genre completely, that's why it's so great.
Industry executives say the genre may need to be tweaked significantly to attract mainstream players.

Famous quotes containing the word genre

Aphorisms are essentially an aristocratic genre of writing. The aphorist does not argue or explain, he asse... more
In movies about women, all important historical and natural events are translated into the terms of a woman's daily life... more
It may be the first in what I trust will be a rapidly growing and influential genre—the novel designed on... more
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