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The rough sequencing of the dog genome is the latest advance in the field of comparative genomics.
Modern findings and developments in genomics are fascinating and underscore the truth of evolution.
Genomics will probably make the life sciences the next arena for this kind of predictably-surprising innovation.
Maybe genomics or proteomics will usher in an age free of many diseases that continue to afflict us.
Biology is now driven by genomics, not by trial and error.
The technique was used to map the human genome, revolutionizing the field of genomics.
Second, that the pointy end of genomics' scalpel would seem to be not in the genes, but in the proteins.
Thanks to technologies spawned by genomics, the list of potential drug targets is growing rapidly.
Now, the genomics pioneer is doing something with all of that data.
Population genomics is expanding our knowledge of human diversity.
Genomics will make possible the kind of customization that undermines the drug industry's blockbuster mentality.
But the biggest opportunities and challenges are expected to come from genomics, the study of the human genetic code.
Genomics may reveal that humans really are brothers and sisters under the skin.
Genomics is revealing the unity and the diversity of life.
My main current interest in personal genomics right now is pure recreation.
As noted in the piece behavior geneticists did turn out to be too optimistic about genomics as being relevant to their field.
Survey results are fine and good, but the public reception and interpretation of genomics is being created anew right now.
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