genetic drift in a sentence

Example sentences for genetic drift

The culprit is environmental change, not genetic drift in the rice seed itself.
Whereas natural selection tends to weed out harmful mutations in genes and their related proteins, genetic drift does not.
Each group or groups would feel selective pressures in different ways and genetic drift would occur differently with each group.
In smaller groups, random genetic drift may determine the fate of genes.
Random genetic drift is affected by population size and structure.
The connection with inter-population differences is fairly clear with genetic drift theory.
First, let's dismiss the possibility of random genetic drift and therefore a bottleneck.
As effective population size declines the power of random genetic drift becomes more evident.
Otherwise, in only a few generations, genetic drift begins to get out of hand.
Genetic drift results in the extinction of many lineages, and the stochastic rise in frequency of a few lineages.
Natural selection and genetic drift both explain biological diversity.
Most likely, because of a combination of genetic drift and selection.
Furthermore, the above comments apply to a balance between migration and genetic drift of neutral alleles.
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