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The genetic code appears the best possible to act as a buffer for random genetic changes.
Horror, mystery and science-fiction books have spread their genetic code to a foreign habitat: the literature section.
Musk immediately said the quick and inexpensive tracking, decoding and writing of genetic code.
The real intellectual prize, though, was the genetic code itself.
The sequencing technology works by figuring out the precise sequence of letters that make up the genetic code of life.
Significantly altering a persons genetic code is not something parents of an altered human would normally chose.
We need to figure out the genetic code to better ourselves.
Now scientists may have cracked the genetic code behind the inherited ailments.
Then crack the genetic code and find out how the different parts, called nucleotides, fit together to compose it.
To reproduce, a virus binds to a host cell, which mistakes the virus for a protein and replicates its genetic code.
The find indicated that the genetic code is more flexible than originally thought.
The genetic code for canine shapes and sizes may help unravel human disease.
Lab rat's genetic code could aid evolution, disease study.
There is much, much more to each of us than a genetic code.
Ultimately, vaccine makers may need to go straight to the source: the flu virus' genetic code.
Information is crucial to our biological substance-our genetic code is information.
Unfortunately, during the multiplication process the cells shed the genetic code that directs them to turn into hair follicles.
At the base of our genetic code is blue-green slime genetic code.
The findings suggest that the genetic code may be more adaptable than previously believed.
Despite the rarity of these genetic code errors, researchers could detect some important patterns in the disparate data.
The human genetic code can be thought of as an encyclopedia in multiple volumes.
In essence, the application asked for a patent on the exclusive use of the computer code representing the germ's genetic code.
The biggest and strongest argument against it is the genetic code itself.
In a point mutation, a single letter of the genetic code changes to another letter.
It shouldn't take that long to translate, it is not our genetic code.
Even heirloom varieties have significantly cross-pollinated from their original genetic code.
The genetic code for every life form be it a virus, bacteria or you is based on exactly the same knowledge based code.
Mutation occurs, and if that mutation provides no detriment to the transmission of the genetic code, then it will be transmitted.
Gene therapy involves correcting errors in cells' genetic code.
If tiny flips in an organism's genetic code frequently resulted in huge, unpredictable physical changes, evolution would cease.
They stow away in the more confused portions of our genetic code.
Scientists have deciphered a second genetic code that has eluded molecular biologists for two decades.
The sequence of amino acids in a protein and hence protein function are determined by the genetic code.
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