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Genetic research finally makes its way into the thinking of sociologists.
Determining the rate of genetic change allowed the scientists to determine how long ago the right whale split into three species.
Law would bar insurers and employers from discriminating based on genetic testing.
Your study was the first to characterize patterns of genetic diversity and natural selection in the elephant.
Californians' genetic testing options are shrinking.
Scientists have deciphered a second genetic code that has eluded molecular biologists for two decades.
More than this, they found that there is a genetic movement in the direction of increased weight and shorter height.
Tying that knowledge to the exact genetic sequence will be a big step forward.
Breed your own bacteria colony to experiment with genetic engineering.
New genetic findings suggest that early humans living about one million years ago were extremely close to extinction.
With the genetic hardiness of buffaloes and the tastiness of beef, the beefalo provides the best of both animals.
Move potted genetic dwarf peaches and nectarines to a covered location in rainy weather.
In the civilian world, it's illegal to deny health coverage or disability benefits on the basis of genetic information.
Legal genetic databases are being built up in many places.
Megan actually has a rare genetic disorder that renders her insensitive to pain.
Meeting debates ethics of revealing genetic findings.
As their population explodes, so does their genetic diversity.
Consumer genomics is the idea of scanning one's genome for interesting little bits of genetic code.
The genetic makeup of the human race is much more varied than previously believed, new research shows.
Genetic clues as to what might have made it so deadly, however, had remained interred with the tens of millions of victims.
Scientists are debating how genetic engineering and other technologies will reshape what it means to be human.
The fact is, no one knows for sure how many of the genetic tests being pushed for various conditions are actually useful.
Evolution is not always a gradual process but often a series of genetic fits and starts, a new report suggests.
Social scientists reveal genetic patterns in social networks.
The researchers could then branch out and find more subtle genetic characteristics of the disease.
We should also be able to trace the relationship between genetic and linguistic diversity.
Researchers have put a new face on what may be an old genetic weapon to help plants fight off a pesky infection.
There's been a prolonged rumpus over the question of genetic patents.
The genetic condition in this particular case is rare: only four other examples are known.
Answers to such questions allow scientists to trace genetic evolution and better understand how genes function.
It doesn't even fall into one of the genus's three broad genetic groups, forming instead a new branch on the family tree.
Officials at a railroad company have settled a lawsuit by agreeing to stop the secret genetic testing of their employees.
The effects of these genetic markers might not be obvious in babies learning their native tongues.
Two studies released today report the first ever uses of whole genome sequencing to pin down the genetic basis of severe disease.
Price wanted to describe mathematically how a genetic predisposition to altruism could evolve.
There's not enough genetic disparity to ward off the perils of inbreeding.
In each case, the genetic variant increases disease risk indirectly by altering exposure to an environmental risk factor.
Genetic makeup isn't the only thing that produces an elite athlete.
They tested this by looking for the as-yet unknown genetic mutation involved in what is called the leopard complex.
Genetic testing should provide the answers, but it won't be soon.
Populations with genetic diversity have multiple defenses against environmental stress.
Our genetic code has followed us without our awareness of it until relatively recently.
However, the genetic component is real as acknowledged.
Even as scans get faster and cheaper, many diseases still have unknown or sketchy genetic correlates.
It is also from the new possibilities which genetic engineering will provide.
Wheat is physiologically different from maize in two main ways, making big genetic improvements harder to achieve.
Faced with a consumer backlash, biotech is working on genetically engineered food without the genetic engineering.
Also, few human genetic subgroups maintain light colored hair into adulthood.
The evolution of rust to overcome this genetic barrier enabled the disease to spread.
Soon genetic engineering will ensure that children are born with perfect features.
Genetic drift describes random variations in a group's genetic makeup.
Research scientists are increasingly studying the genetic basis of race.
For some, there is a genetic explanation for why crucial parts of their brains seem disengaged while other people suffer.
Healthy aging may be possible with some genetic help.
Humans and aliens could share a common genetic foundation.
The non-food use of genetic modification is moving ahead on several fronts.
These will make another genetic infusion into the ranks of the mustangs.
But the results of genetic redesign are not always so benign.
Genetic experimentations of fallen angels created animal forms called primates.
Morphological resemblances as vestiges of genetic relationship.
The law prohibits health insurers from using genetic information to set rates or deny coverage.
The use of a lot of antibiotics in meat and dairy cows, for instance, is a result of breeding to reduce genetic diversity.
Any meaningful genetic information at the end of the chromosome would be lost or garbled.
The science has come so far, through both the fossil evidence and the genetic evidence.
But that system, for all its efficiency, fails to exploit the fantastic genetic diversity of wheat.
Creating this jaguar genetic highway will be easier in some places than others.
What's wrong with designer children, bionic athletes, and genetic engineering.
The unintended consequences of genetic screening for disease.
Horror, mystery and science-fiction books have spread their genetic code to a foreign habitat: the literature section.
At the genetic and cellular level, human beings are profoundly unalike.
Musk immediately said the quick and inexpensive tracking, decoding and writing of genetic code.
We experiment with them at a genetic level, try to understand their overall behavior, and bond with them on an intimate scale.
Another study found that mice with a genetic abnormality that eliminated their brown fat became obese even without overeating.
Bacteria spread antibiotic resistance to other bacteria, even bacteria of a different species, by genetic transfer.
There also seems to be some genetic predisposition to having disrupted clock genes.
Each genome contains the complete genetic information that shaped the creature to which it belongs.
Most likely a combination of genetic, biologic, and environmental factors play a role.
Tinkering with our genetic programs will extend longevity.
Scientists have figured out the genetic basis of seedless fruit.
Genetic intervention cures color blindness in monkeys.
We each have two parents, but their genetic contributions to what makes us us are uneven.
Scientists are excited, but critics express concern about attempts to modify the genetic makeup of this popular grain.
There are many different motivations to release your genetic data online.
Using a little genetic engineering and light, researchers can control the brains of model organisms with light.
Genetic sequencing is becoming cheaper by the year, and it will soon be possible for everyone to have their own genome sequenced.
But new genetic evidence shows that elephants found on the island come from a long-standing, indigenous population.
But they are also prone to a number of serious genetic diseases.
Genetic engineers can pull a desired gene from virtually any living organism and insert it into virtually any other organism.
Now, discoveries about genetic triggers may help us spot trouble before it starts.
The duck-billed mammal has a genetic affinity with both reptiles and birds, according to a new study.
The genetic code for canine shapes and sizes may help unravel human disease.
The researchers tracked mutations in genetic samples.
Without high stores of genetic variation, crab populations cannot adapt to environmental changes.
It's hoped that the red glow, which appears in every organ of the cats, will improve the study of genetic diseases.
Genetic and anatomical tests, however, reveal that the new species is related to other common groups of modern snails.
The shared traits exist despite the fact that crows and humans sit on distinct branches of the genetic tree.
He preserved genetic material from his dog, for example, so that he could later be cloned.
There is evidence of genetic influence, but no clear pattern of inheritance.
Genetic technology allows genes, and thus the proteins those genes encode, to be knocked out of individual mice.
One of its jobs is to act as a messenger carrying genetic information from a cell's nucleus to the machinery which makes proteins.
Some have favoured a genetic, hereditary explanation.
That, however, requires some serious genetic engineering.
Their genetic make-up often changes by mistake when the cells they infect churn out new virus particles.
Since genetic modification would help with this, it would be handy if people abandoned their prejudice against it.
It has already proved possible to tinker with this genetic inheritance, with startling results.
It is about to embark on a search for the genetic underpinning of intelligence.
Don't get me wrong, genetic engineering is brilliant science that can do wondrous things.
They increase their genetic contribution not by promiscuity but by nurturing.
He derided politically correct claims that humans alone are magically free of genetic influences in their behaviour.
Only dogs registered in the national stud book have a record of their parentage and genetic traits.
But linguistic mixing is as natural as the genetic kind, too.
If the wrong genetic switch is flicked, the wrong sort of tissue results.
Some children simply have a genetic tendency toward thinness.
Genetic draft is to hitchhiking what genetic drift is to sampling variance.
And some of these mutations affect genes that are involved in cancer or genetic disorders.
The pattern of settlement can be discerned in part by examination of patterns of genetic variation.
In this case, probably functional constraint on the genetic architecture.
But as it turns out, the chimp brain and the human brain differ hardly at all in their genetic underpinnings.
Right now people are interested in genetic engineering to help the human race.
Their success was possible because the same genetic code underlies all life.
Twenty days later, he found the bacteria in their leaves, which were a perfect genetic match for the ones in the whiteflies.
Scientists have identified genetic clues to how a tumor spreads throughout the body.
The genomic pioneer bares his genetic code to the world.
Ongoing, large-scale genetic studies of mood disorders could help researchers understand and treat these devastating diseases.
Converting genetic activity into music may be a way to monitor health.
But they test only about a million genetic markers out of the six billion nucleotides that reside inside human cells.
For the first time, scientists can track the precise genetic changes behind an individual case of cancer.
With the aid of such a powerful tool, medical treatment could be tailored to a patient's distinct genetic profile.
Genetic engineers have removed a powerful toxin from cottonseed, which is rich in protein.
Scientists say the possibility is remote that this genetic pattern would appear by chance.
Chronic myeloid leukemia occurs as the result of a single genetic accident.
Of course, they think that a lot of this stuff is genetic.
Few diseases are purely genetic, but plenty have genetic components.
They ought to place themselves in the position of those who could benefit from new genetic procedures.
All bets are off, however, if genetic engineers find a way to intervene.
All of us come into the world with our own genetic predispositions to psychological ills.
The performance enhancement of society promises to get only more radical, especially as genetic engineering grows more advanced.

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