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Example sentences for generously

No matter how silly or trivial the question, he always had a generously detailed answer for me, thick with scientific evidence.
Researchers have been puzzled about why such altruism, so frequently and generously offered, should exist at all.
And generously, the first player might initiate renewed cooperation, with a view to enticing the former cheater to reciprocate.
Upon sending him a reprint a couple of years ago, he generously replied and sent me a reprint of his own.
Below it, sweeping lines run through generously spaced hemlocks.
Most of them generously welcomed the expedition into their homes.
Generously fill a tablespoon with the vegetable mixture and drop into the hot oil.
Generously sprinkle the seasoning over each of the breadsticks.
Converse claimed that only around ten per cent of the public has what can be called, even generously, a political belief system.
The edition is generously sprinkled with the writer's quips, essays, and correspondence offering spiritual insight.
Or, more generously, as an affliction or a disability or a crutch.
In return, it fosters their careers, generously supporting opportunities for professional growth.
My job provides generously for our financial security, both now and in my eventual retirement.
Every single step of the proof or problem had to be done explicitly and correctly, and he zapped generously all the way through.
And considering the real merit of the performance, certainly no rhymes were ever more generously paid for.
Fill cases with sliced peaches sprinkled generously with sugar, insert handles, garnished with whipped cream and peach leaves.
Spoon the room-temperature sauce over the warm chiles, generously covering them half away from the stem.
Add the monkfish and a few artichokes on top, and drizzle generously with the sauce.
Season lightly with salt and more generously with pepper.
Generously grease a large piece of foil with butter.
Lizzie generously inclined to the fancy, the unknown champion, with a reputation to make.
Any clear night generously provides about six every hour.
Hopefully, they will generously spread around some of the other shuttle artifacts.
Our hosts have generously allowed us to spout off, often drifting off-topic for days at a time, here on their platform.
But it should be added that need is viewed generously and aid is now given to students from families with six-figure incomes.
Innovation must be painstakingly nurtured and generously funded.
Ironically, a netbook designed for kids has a generously proportioned keyboard for even plus-sized adult fingers.
And please tip each generously-this is still funded by taxpayers.
Toss warm cookies, a few at a time, in confectioners sugar to coat generously.
You'll be happy that these are generously sized, and that the recipe will leave you with a few extras.
Put fish in a lightly oiled shallow baking dish and season generously with salt and pepper.
Pat pork dry and season generously with kosher salt and pepper.
Spritz inside oven generously with spray bottle and close door.
Those who give even remotely generously are those that tend to itemize their deductions.
Season the chicken thighs generously with salt and pepper.
The food is generously proportioned, so don't fill up on snacks before you get there.
Donors want to help others, that's why they generously sign donor cards so they can help.
You've given generously to the casinos, gorged on their food and overdosed on their glitz.
Make sure it is well made and generously padded against accidental bumps.
Many generously shared their stories even though their pain was evident.
The old foundations have stood the test of time and still give generously.
He rewarded them generously for confidential information.
Meanwhile, globalisation has been rewarding winners ever more generously.
It has even been shown that waitresses who touch patrons tend to be tipped more generously.
The author wants to thank all those who gave generously of their time and expertise in the preparation of this report.
And governments have been able to support their economies so generously because their financing costs have been so low.
But the big problem is that even if the ceilings are set generously, lots of deposits fall outside the safety net.
Politicians had to boost enfeebled monetary policy by loosening their budgets generously.
Generously handed out loans without literally care if the borrower could repay.
In fact, the state already spends generously on social programmes.
Private-equity firms tend to reward successful bosses far more generously than public companies do.
The country generously shares its creations with the rest of the world.
Church charities respond quickly and generously to natural disasters.
The stands are generously proportioned, the colours soothingly neutral and the aisles thickly carpeted.
They also pay their staff less generously than others.
His contract could reward him more generously if he wrecks the company and is fired than if he settles for slow or no growth.
The government has been encouraging firms to give more generously to worthy causes.
Companies are increasingly prepared to pay generously to persuade an unwanted boss to go.
Instead, new employees join defined-contribution schemes, which are much less generously funded.
Student course guides provide plenty of details about how generously teachers grade.
Place on rack over baking sheet and salt generously on both sides.
When the water comes to a boil, salt generously and add the greens.
Season duck generously inside and out with salt and pepper.
Generously season both sides of steak with salt and pepper.
Those are impressive records and bode well for this generously reviewed film's chances in the awards season.
Spread the pancake with the mascarpone and sprinkle powdered sugar generously on top.
Add the peas to a large pot of rapidly boiling, generously salted water.
When generously seasoned and pleated between two crusts, even the humblest leftovers can be born anew.
From that time forward people generously continue to contribute items of historical importance to the collection.
Once you know enough to make a wise decision, choose the charities you want to support and give generously.
Throughout the years, he has also donated generously to several local senior centers.
Thank you to the librarians who have generously contributed these scripts.
The tribe gives generously on an annual basis to hundreds of local community groups.

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