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Example sentences for generous

Generous charitable giving is a hallmark of the family.
Few people are as kind and helpful and generous, and he was a major inspiration in my life and career.
The shirts come in black, cut for women but still generous in fit.
They're more generous when it comes to home life.
They were generous; at the first fish harvest, the owner gave half his cash crop to friends and relatives.
He was the most generous man I have ever known.
Bring a large pot of generously salted water to a boil.
Note: A generous dose of cayenne gives this stew a lively heat.
Their system provides generous unemployment benefits and pensions.
We could not do so without the generous amounts of time provided by our scientist sources and contributors.
The museum is open 15 hours each week thanks to the generous support of the community.
It's now one generous space with ample storage and a spacious breakfast area.
Though lawns do need lots of water, many gardeners are too generous, often providing twice the amount the lawn really needs.
The new path is wider and takes a few curves, forming generous planting pockets along the way.
Steep warm spices in cider, then spike the drink with a generous dose of dark rum.
For both, she dropped the trimmed cardoons into a generous amount of boiling water.
Plant breeders seemed especially generous this year.
Use a brush to apply a generous amount of etching cream into the open part of the stencil.
The flights are carefully thought out, with generous pours.
Coat one side of the second plywood square with a generous amount of glue.
The others are on loan from generous owners around the country.
The people couldn't have been more gracious and generous.
Its murmurs grow even quieter and its bends more generous, looping over the coastal plain.
With indignant exceptions, they were excessively and even unthinkingly generous.
Instead, they had a reception more generous than anything they could possibly have imagined.
These creatures of the golden age remained generous.
It would be boiled and served with generous crescents of blubber.
There were pledges in generous wine and much common drinking in bar-rooms and liquor shops.
Besides the gift of these buildings, they have made other generous donations to the school.
It is, doubtless, the sincere expression of the generous convictions and aspirations which he held in common with others.
He threw into the effort all the ardour of a generous and enthusiastic nature.
To know how to obey requires as generous a disposition and as rational an education as to know how to command.
The same pride in splendid armor and generous steeds which the old heroes felt in life, accompanied them here.
Bosses believe some workers try to get fired in order to win generous tax-free redundancy.
Prices and sales levelled off thanks to low interest rates and a generous housing tax credit.
When prices were depressed and profits scarce foreign firms had to be lured with generous terms that now rankle.
Warm and generous with his friends, he could be cruelly dismissive of his intellectual rivals.
We have to be generous or civil to strangers because the alternative is too bleak.
Many boomers enjoyed a good education and got well-paid jobs, which often came with generous pension schemes.
For them, debt relief is not fast enough, generous enough or going in the right direction.
But in general, people have been kind and generous and interested.
In every country people could not have been more hospitable or generous.
Generous pockets keep travel essentials close, and the cotton surface only gets softer and more comfortable with each washing.
In that moment the universe became a little more generous.
And then there were some generous donations on top of that.
Genes, however, do not tell the full story of what prompts people to be generous.
Steve is the kind of guy who likes to let everyone know what he is doing in generous detail.
It's not as though individual flowers are generous with nectar, either.
As often as two thirds of the time, chimps chose the generous option, even if the neighboring chimp was genetically unrelated.
Nonetheless, wealthy people still aren't feeling as generous as in pre-recession times.
Luckily for us, they're generous, and they support many causes.
Actually, one week is not generous nor is it exactly reasonable either.
The generous keyboard makes for easy pecking, and the speakerphone automatically turns on when you open the brick for a call.
There was always a big pot of it in the refrigerator, and a generous spoonful was a favorite after-school snack.
The dining room is casual, the food simple but generous, with wine from nearby and the offer of some firewater after dinner.
Season with mixed salt and pepper to which a generous grating of nutmeg has been added.
Place fillets, skin sides down, on broiler pan and season each fillet with a generous pinch of salt and pepper.
Cut the sweetness with a generous squeeze of fresh lemon juice, or simmer berries in the syrup.
Few other professions conduct their affairs with so much autonomy and receive in return such generous economic benefits.
We hear of his rise to increasingly lofty offices with more and more generous salaries to match.
Most signers made use of a generous circle of space, moving their hands emphatically within a circle thirty inches in diameter.
They argue that businesses will then provide less generous and wasteful plans to their executives and workers.
The cure is to keep a lower profile and be more generous with money and know-how in helping other economies to rise.
As workers come to realize that productivity is rising faster, they will demand more generous real wage increases.
Let them be thanked and honored for their generous initiative.
Her biography is slowly becoming part of a broader, more generous social history.
He agreed and was generous with his time and recollections.
Be generous with your friends but not in a way where they are living off of you.
Lingering uncertainty in the stock market has a number of billionaires still calling for generous tax cuts.
It was an incredibly generous act and gave me some direction until the fog cleared.
People were not envious of him being rich, never, because he was generous.
All the more reason he's been feeling a bit generous of late.
Because he didn't know he was being taped, he was generous with his accusations.
Be generous with those who are always there for you, and share the good fortune.
And television, the movies and the theater all have one less great and generous actor.
He was generous and soft-spoken, humble and serene, and had a tremendous sense of humor.
He was well off--and generous in buying his friends' pictures.
Examines seven large employers that offer generous mental health insurance, benefits, and coverage to their employees.

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