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First, it brings attention to the toilet market, not generally a closely watched industry.
People generally resent the idea that somebody else should pay less than they have had to do.
Belugas generally live together in small groups known as pods.
P problems are generally easy for a computer to solve.
Moths generally fly at night and lie low during the day.
Unlike horticultural oil, it generally doesn't scald foliage.
Generally there is large cancellation, but averaged globally, it is the radiative cooling effect of clouds that dominates.
The commodities markets were generally quiet yesterday.
Those with private health care are generally happy with their plan.
Water is withdrawn but is generally replaced or recharged when rainwater from the surface percolates downward.
Their days generally start out with several hours of sunbathing, which warms them up before they go out to search for food.
They're generally wider, so foods that used to be smashed by their own weight aren't.
As it turns out, that's a generally accepted charging method employed by many hotels.
Cotton exhibited a generally steady undertone yesterday.
So there is no rational reason to expect real estate to be a generally good investment.
But, in the main, demographic decline is the consequence of the low fertility that generally goes with growing prosperity.
Baboons generally prefer savanna and other semi-arid habitats, though a few live in tropical forests.
Because planning these functions is generally left to governments, the planning is generally poor.
But pompon, not pom-pom, is its generally accepted label.
These let you build up your stats, encounter side stories and generally avoid having to push forward.
Acrimony notwithstanding, trustees and professors generally show respect, according to the survey results.
Emerging-market equities generally rallied over the week.
The warmth of a sunburn generally stems from increased blood flow to the exposed site.
Kilims are generally inexpensive, but old and rare pieces can cost several thousand dollars.
Generally disease resistant, though foliage is sometimes disfigured by a small looper caterpillar.
Lame trailers generally belong to the grimace-and-bear-it category of movie-going angst.
Programs generally will include several departments and multiple personnel.
Orb-weaving spiders generally produce about seven different types of silk, which they use for different purposes.
Although such sleep's true effects are still being studied, it is generally considered a restorative period for the brain.
Mariposa lilies are generally the tallest, with striking cup- or bowl-shaped blossoms.
Some people hear colors, see flavors and are generally prone to a mixing-and-matching of typically disparate perceptual domains.
They are generally older, multicultural, and have work and family commitments.
Investors generally agree that any default would be the result of unwillingness, rather than inability, to pay.
They are voracious predators, feeding at night and generally staying close to the bottom.
Our taste generally is for portraiture that is much livelier, less preoccupied with the dignified facade.
Plants are generally large and vigorous, with fountainlike form.
The criteria is a bit subjective in places, but generally looks good.
They are generally levied on the difference between the purchase price and the sales price.
Large-scale composting efforts have generally taken two forms: centralized and decentralized.
The nearest farm is generally further from the center of a large city than it is from a small one.
The origins of great inventions are generally more complicated than they appear.
Apricots are early-blooming trees and generally not as hardy as the other fruits described here.
Programmable settings, on slow cookers that offer them, are generally limited to time and temperature.
Economic opportunities have generally improved-no country declined significantly.
The term humidity generally refers to the amount of this water vapor in the atmosphere.
Wild polio virus remains at large generally in poor, densely populated areas or violence-torn places.
Hybrid teas and floribundas generally grow with more restraint.
Space is generally a pretty harsh environment, but the galaxy's heart is particularly brutal.
The real problem with public private partnerships is that generally the public takes the risks and the privates take the rewards.
It generally costs the same or less than medications.
Every alp also has a resident herd of pigs-which generally don't make it into those alpine travel posters.
If the plant is generally healthy, it will usually seal off the cankers.
Yet even trade unionists are generally friendly towards foreign ownership these days.
Each pride generally will have no more than two adult males.
Generally speaking, two kinds of research inform us about issues of food safety.
But to say there is no link to crime more generally looks unduly optimistic.
No paper may be sourced from forests generally accepted as being of high conservation value.
These swarms generally last less than ten million years.
The puppets were generally drab colored and awkward.
Pure hydrazine is unstable in air and quickly decomposes, generally within minutes to hours.
Severe mental illness alone is not generally enough to cause violent behavior.
Chimneys older than that are generally crumbling, and therefore endangered.
Light green, broad lobed leaves generally drop in midwinter.
The bill is generally bulky and long and ranges from gray to pale horn in color.
But all of these are generally nowhere to be heard in the summer.
Leaves are generally divided into many large, deep green leaflets.
They are generally sluggish fish but are capable of impressive bursts of speed.
Pharmacies throughout the region are stocked with the fake malaria medicine, which is generally cheaper than the real thing.
Attractive but generally considered weedy more add to my plant list enlarge.
Weather and television satellites are generally in this category.
The crimes fit a pattern, the motives are generally clear.
These newer hybrid freesias are generally not as fragrant as the old-fashioned type.
Flowering generally weakens these plants, and although they may slowly recover, they often die.
They are generally round but stretch longer along one axis than along the other.
We do not generally look to gubernatorial debates for excitement.
There's generally no good way to announce that you're about to take the high road.
There are three things that people generally take everywhere with them: keys, wallet and mobile phone.
By nightfall, there were no confirmed deaths, and children played soccer on closed-off streets in a generally joyous atmosphere.
Scientists generally describe human taste perception in terms of four qualities: saltiness, sourness, sweetness and bitterness.
Rock concerts aren't generally known for their thought-provoking tranquillity.
EU citizens are generally allowed to work in any member state.
It generally kills painlessly by producing drowsiness, coma and collapse of the circulatory system.
The truth is generally impossible to ascertain because many incidents are not even formally reported, much less investigated.
By this standard, the burden continues generally to ease.
Generally found in fairly extensive wetland environments.
The technique heightens the detail produced by the scanner, which generally renders sharper images than his camera does.
So-called solar-powered nudibranchs eat soft corals, which generally have algae living in their tissues.
Some authors send us an outline in addition to their letter but that is generally not required.
The knives generally fall into one of two categories: switchblades and gravity knives.
My frustration is not with these studies' methods but with the conclusions generally reached by the authors.
For tsunami-generating purposes, earthquakes can generally be divided into two sorts.
You'll be shocked at how smooth and generally lag-free the online fighting is.
In choosing a plumber they generally have to rely on some sort of signal of quality.
Clouds generally form, survive and grow in air that is moving upward.
US winemakers make it both ways, and generally name it for the style they're shooting for.
The university officials generally heard support from lawmakers on the panel.
May generally marks the start of the visitor season here.
Instead, after a company has been buffed and shined, it's generally taken public again.
Alloy authors generally own a fifty-per cent stake in their work.
And, because governments generally flood disaster areas with money, there's no dearth of cash for new investments.
They offer a great view of history and also are generally quite peaceful places to visit.
File sizes are generally small, even for programs with long running times.
The cheapest fare, which typically requires advanced purchase, is generally shown.
Travel suppliers generally raise prices as unsold inventory depletes.
These storms move generally west to east across the oceans and continents.
Generally, lower air pressure makes a tire ride softer and steer sloppier.
As with a bond, preferred shares generally pay a stream of cash from the issuing company.
Employers generally apply for green cards well before the six years are up.
Smartphones, however, are generally set apart by offering large touchscreens and the ability to use apps.
When the air is stable, the weather is generally calm, although rain or snow can be falling.
High prices and low purity generally indicate a short supply.
It is generally considered illegal for the military to hire contractors to act as covert spies.
Names are generally made up of two, and characters having a felicitous meaning are always selected.
The left mamma is generally a little larger than the right.
Sometimes one or two additional inscriptions, generally incomplete, are present below the umbilicus.
It is generally flexuous, and constricted at intervals so as to present a varicose appearance.
It was not intended, but was generally taken to be, the manifesto of a party.
The right branch of the portal vein enters the right lobe of the liver, but before doing so generally receives the cystic vein.
The individual fibers vary in size, generally averaging about half the size of the medullated fibers.
When present, it generally only partially separates the articular surfaces, and occupies the upper part of the articulation.
Fine nerves and lymphatics, which generally accompany the arteries, may also be demonstrated in the periosteum.
Speaking generally, the arteries may be said to contain pure and the veins impure blood.
The form of the capillary net varies in the different tissues, the meshes being generally rounded or elongated.
The symptom of metabolic syndrome that appears first is usually obesity, so this is generally regarded as the underlying cause.
The casinos provide the gaming and generally split the proceeds with the junket operators.
Generally, the farther away a country from the main producers and the more isolated it is, the higher the price charged.
They generally cited large bonuses as a recruiting tool too.
His theories have also helped with understanding the choice between equity and debt, and corporate finance more generally.
Some are prescriptive, enshrining freedoms, curtailing the powers of the state and generally hampering would-be dictators.
People do not generally buy them in shops, but from mobile operators.
Participants are generally not in it for the money, but rather to pursue a hobby and achieve recognition by their peers.
What scientists generally do with a natural phenomenon that they do not understand is to build a model of it.
But it is also because real-world agents woo customers by offering refunds for cancelled trips and generally going the extra mile.
Unfortunately, that effect is generally a harmful one.
Teams working on innovative stuff were generally kept small.
More generally, many prisoners can indeed be released without any threat to public safety.
Authors and artists do not generally consult the statute books before deciding whether or not to pick up pen or paintbrush.
Generally, the machines can't find items stashed in a body cavity.
Phones are not as fast or as powerful as desktop computers, but they're also generally less secure.
Expectant parents generally avoid the tests without prior reason for concern, however.
Aurorae video is generally done with time lapse to show the movement, which is usually slow.
The drops protected the animals' retinal ganglion cells and optic nerves, both of which are generally damaged by the disease.
The human coccyx is highly variable but is generally composed of three to five vertebrae.
Generally, the more silent mutations two species have in common, the more closely related they are.
They are also generally safer to produce and administer, more durable and can be scaled more easily.
The southern portion of this fault is generally believed to have the highest probability of rupture.
It involves the reason why people play slot machines, or gamble more generally.
Remakes and sequels aren't groundbreaking, generally, nor are they generally big blockbusters.
It's generally agreed that these colors must serve some function for trees.
Scientists generally conceive of aging as a sort of cellular wear and tear.
However, cloud computing has generally lacked the security features typically required by small and medium-sized enterprises.
The viewership for live television broadcasts has generally been declining for years.
Generally, an antenna has been attached to a roof, with a cable running in a window.
The other amino acids which are all bigger and generally more difficult to synthesise must have been incorporated later.
P-waves, which have long wavelengths and generally do little damage.
The traditional method of manual tracking and counting tiles is generally understood to be a tedious and time-consuming practice.
Drinking water is pumped from aquifers that are generally hundreds, not thousands of feet deep.
The reason that this sense of the word is now generally acceptable is the reason that usage guides need to be revised.
Once luxury companies start rebounding, that's generally a positive sign for economic recovery.
It is a subject worth more serious attention than it generally gets.
The party that embraces white populism--whatever party it may be at the time--has generally not been judged to be in the corner.
Poetry reviewing is no better anywhere else, and generally it is much worse.
Generally, so-called decent families tend to accept mainstream values more fully and attempt to instill them in their children.
We generally rely on courts to decide if a statement is defamatory according to local law.
Many studies have shown that married people are generally happier than unmarried people.
Admissions committees generally prefer to see different types of letters from people who have known you at different times.
For puddings and custards, generally half the cream can be swapped for skim.
It is a thought burped up, generally without consideration.
Lower-priced shops were generally rated better for quality.
Intonation generally was dependable, with lapses occurring spottily late in the program.

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