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Some remains are in the form of rock art-a general term for the pecking, incising, or painting of designs onto rock surfaces.
Markets may be permanent structures or general areas where people gather to sell goods.
In general, asteroids are heated by the decay of radioactive atoms scattered throughout their insides.
As a general rule, all applicants are expected to have published a minimum of three articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals.
In general, mineral particles are small, having formed within confined areas such as lava flows or between grains of sediments.
General information on beetles from the people who study them.
They have the capability to send out general broadcasts of sonic energy and actually see with sound.
The archive is used by staff and visiting scholars, but increasingly it receives e-mail requests from the general public.
Obviously access to safe drinking water is a huge problem, and lack of access to opportunities, and general poverty.
The artists were selected from a general call for submissions.
We are doing our part in bringing the awareness of cervical cancer to the general public.
The idea was to let the general public know, somehow, what is happening.
While this first one is going to be fairly general, future installments will focus on a specific domain.
If it's a general medical journal, for instance, the importance of your specific area is not always clear.
In general, the more prestigious your credits, the shorter your letter of application.
Another is that he does not want to provoke a general strike.
He has made some changes to pensions and social security, but in general his reform efforts have been too little, too late.
In personal terms, this has also been manifested in increased general uncertainty and an obsession with personal risk.
But in public they go on and on and on about the need for people in general to demonstrate such responsibility.
But in general, declared levels of happiness are correlated with wealth.
It does not appear that either the form or the diction of the poem struck the general reader as novel.
As a general practice, give the references in parenthesis or in footnotes, not in the body of the sentence.
Second, general anesthesia was often accompanied by vomiting and other side effects that were undesirable.
But, that's if your goal is to reach the general public, which is the goal of many science writers who blog.
Perry's fusillades against the program have long been seen as a potentially huge liability in a general election.
Patents in one language, if unintelligible generally, cannot be licensed for the general good.
The legislature voted for it almost unanimously, but the governor and the attorney general are against it.
Every day essentially, when patients go under general anesthesia that whole state is a reversible coma.
It's not predictions in general that will get you into trouble, though.
Each weekend brought fights, police visits and being a general annoyance to neighbors.
Over the decades, the video displays that everyone from fighter pilots to the general public use have grown increasingly complex.
Our articles are geared to general readers interested in science and technology.
Those who got drunk on bourbon reported worse hangovers-headaches, nausea and general discomfort.
Miller's success in the general pop field and his eclecticism are appropriate to the times, of course.
People may endure miserable commutes out of an inability to weigh their general well-being against quantifiable material gains.
But, as of yet, there is no sign of a general rush to trade protectionism or to beggar-thy-neighbor currency policies.
As a general rule, mammal species with big bodies tend to have big brains.
Or you might see a fully stocked general store with original wooden boxes and shelves with tin cans.
The origin of the irony is that the subject of the article is how scientists should talk to the general public.
However, that work has yet to be scrutinized by the general scientific community.
And she didn't spare figures who enjoyed more general approval, either.
Even so, the imprisoned make up only two thirds of one percent of the nation's general population.
There comes a time in the career of many historians when they yearn for contact with the general reading public.
Let us therefore never lose sight of the humanity of this music, even when it gives itself an official and general air.
Furthermore, there is a general disposition to favor the way of the fox-although this may be entirely my own bias.
The general result is that parts of the human genome are out of correspondence with the conditions of modern life.
Cartels that form by collusion are illegal and clearly not in the interests of the general population.
In general, water cools the atmosphere when it evaporates and heats it up as it condenses.
In general, thermal photovoltaics use solar cells to convert the light that radiates from a hot surface into electricity.
The park general plan directs the long-range development and management of a park by providing broad policy and program guidance.

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