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The result is an elaborate human genealogy, an intricately branching tree of genetic alterations.
I'm interested in genealogy, but then again, I also worked as an archaeologist for quite a few years.
Learn about Chinese holidays and events, works of art, and genealogy.
One sentence, "I hardly knew my parents," pretty much wraps up his genealogy.
Wish I knew more about his genealogy.
Then, a genealogy study unearthed her father's Cherokee blood, .
He was married to an aristocrat and much concerned with genealogy.
Icelanders are also known for their passion for genealogy.
There is a constancy in the culture--when your genealogy goes back that far, your identity is inescapable.
But the hard truth of our genealogy does even greater damage to human pride.
But there's so much more to genealogy than names and dates.
Maoris, on the other hand, believe all natural elements and living things are connected by a common genealogy.
And the citations on genealogy date to the middle aughts.
In short, its genealogy is epistemological rather than geographic.
Inexpensive genetic testing is turning the once-staid pursuit of genealogy into an extreme sport.

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The other 1000 are principally the 'old Yankee stock,' who have lost the town, politically, to the Portuguese; who deplo... more
Southerners are so devoted to genealogy that we see a family tree under every bush. Fault can be found in a... more
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