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Example sentences for gene therapy

The first makes sense, the second less so-particularly when it comes to gene therapy.
Do you want to try and cure some rare form of cancer, or a develop new gene therapy to cure a common but non fatal disease.
Gene therapy has not advance in the spectacular ways that were promised.
But as in gene therapy, immune reactions are a major problem.
In practice, gene therapy remains difficult and the methods crude.
For example, a general trend in biomedicine is to use viral vectors in gene therapy.
It is possible that this could actually work, through gene therapy.
That's arguably what happened with gene therapy, a field still escaping from the legacy of a few early and rare tragedies.
Gene therapy may be a distant dream for humans, but for rodents the future is now.
For years scientists doing gene therapy have had to rely on viruses to do their heavy lifting.
Doctors are beginning to use gene therapy to grow new blood vessels.
In three landmark experiments involving gene therapy, doctors try to cure a rare hereditary disease.
Researchers continue to study possible treatments, including enzyme replacement therapy and gene therapy.
Gene therapy, say a host of researchers, three of whom call for more oversight of the technique's use in athletics.
Viral insertion into critical genes has triggered lethal leukemias in several gene therapy recipients.
Such engineering may ultimately point the way to improved gene therapy treatments for human diseases.
For years, gene therapy produced tons of hype but no results.
After years of setbacks and failures, gene therapy begins to produce some viable cures.
If you are willing to ignore a lot of laws, you could do away with gene therapy and start with a human egg.
After failing in several attempts, the team succeeded using a technique developed for gene therapy.
Nor would treatments ranging from recombinant insulin for diabetics to gene therapy.
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