gen in a sentence

Example sentences for gen

They did know that the course potentially fulfills two gen ed requirements and fit their work schedule.
If boomers don't retire, there will be fewer jobs available for the next gen.
During our gen ed reform discussions this year, various people made the argument for including the arts and history as well.
My school has an interdisciplinary studies gen ed requirement.
The next gen will be better, but the current model should have been held together and used until the new one is in place.
Solar is an excellent alternative for backwood power gen until nuclear ammonia fuel cells can replace it.
Mark offers two reasons that colleges don't tighten gen ed requirements.
Look at the gen ed offerings at nearly every school with online courses.
Next-gen optical camouflage is busting out of defense labs and into the street.

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Another serious reverse. [Gen. Ambrose] Burnside's repulse at Fredericksburg.... Now remains our last card, the emancipa... more
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