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Example sentences for gemstone

Amber is a semiprecious gemstone formed from fossilized tree sap.
Ruby, the common name for the mineral corundum in its red form, is a precious gemstone.
Your home state may have an official rock, mineral, or gemstone.
Next the bezel is cut and a pyramid-faceted gemstone is set, point side up.
Amber is sometimes considered a gemstone skeleton: noun: bones of a body.
Many of us have given a gift of jade, which is a green gemstone.
While crying about her situation near a cliff, she kicks a rock over the edge and watches as it reveals a gemstone hidden below.
Unique coastal gifts include handmade scrimshaws and jewelry featuring tourmaline, the state gemstone.
Beryl is a gemstone commonly found in the granite rocks abundant in the state.
Tourmaline seems to have a special place in the hearts of mineral collectors as well as in that of gem and gemstone enthusiasts.
In the past, the miners have not marketed the peridot directly to the gemstone industry.
There is no reason to believe blue topaz or any other irradiated gemstone poses any health risk, much less cancer.
Or one gemstone would receive the light of the ruby next to it.
Karat works the idea of purity of a substance and carat is expressing how much weight in a gemstone.
Garnet and opal accounted for the largest shares of gemstone production.
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