geeky in a sentence

Example sentences for geeky

Congratulations, it's touching to read about other geeky couples.
It's still everywhere from geeky-chic t-shirts to respectable science blogs and magazines.
Annette really defies the stereotype of a geeky engineer.
But technology, long the domain of the geeky introvert, stepped up to the challenge.
They've got tech people who are really geeky and interested and are helping us do it.
Rather than a few geeky rebels, there are now entire armies of employees equipped with smart mobile devices.
Nor is the geeky science-before-people image quite as artless as it looks.
Public opinion is untroubled, or sees them as a mere irritant: an obscure, geeky sort of prankster.
He is a real engineer and it shows in his geeky writing lol.
No wonder domestic dogs act so geeky--whining, chasing sticks, ripping slippers to shreds.
Many of us appreciate that pernicious stereotypes about geeky physicists color the public's perception of our field.
Amid all the geeky details, there are stories being told.
OK, this is going to be a really really geeky blog post, of interest only to a tiny number of video-editing types.
Not a geeky industrial-strength package, but still pretty interesting nonetheless.
If you do not mind being geeky and uncomfortable, forget the sound-isolating headphones.
He even enjoys the technical, geeky photography stuff.
Decision makers avoid these geeky discussions by any means necessary.
Video games are no longer the geeky stepchild of popular entertainment.
We are seeing some awesome, geeky valentines all over the web today, and decided to share a couple with you.
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