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Other attachments, such as x-ray equipment or firefighting gear, will also be made available.
So they got into their scuba gear, dove in with their audio equipment, and started playing the sequence.
The anterior part of the cerebellum also switched into high gear.
Fragile camera gear demands ample protection, particularly when shooting pictures outside.
For the coming year, though, the controversial imagery will still be seen on jerseys and other gear.
Gear selection can be left to the computer, or controlled by the driver.
The head gear has sensors that send impact measurements wirelessly.
The top left gear is engaged with the mid-right gear and will drive it.
Kick your summer grilling into gear by infusing extra flavor into your favorite cut of meat.
And it is full of people who seem to be running almost precisely in the reverse gear.
Modular dividers let you customize to fit your gear.
While finding a new home for your old gear is preferable, recycling is also an option.
When summer- and fall-blooming perennials die down, cool-season annuals kick into gear to fill gaps between established plants.
Few motorists realize what an efficient braking system they have in the gear box combined with the engine.
The arts advocacy machine is running in high gear these days.
They arrived along with state troopers who were wearing riot gear and armed with tear gas.
For those with a meteorological bent, there is a range of weather stations, barometers and other gear.
Then the police said it was too dangerous to walk around the neighborhood alone toting expensive camera gear.
Picking gear for gamers isn't as difficult as it may sound.
Likewise, your teaching clothes probably don't overlap with your running gear.
The phosphorus plays a similar, though lesser, role in protecting the engine's valve gear.
But it soon became clear that not everyone could carry all of his or her gear.
So, you've decided to jump on the fixed gear bicycle trend.
Similarly, you need appropriate gear to be a writer.
Armies can also tap wireless-networking gear mounted on drones and balloons to keep soldiers connected in the field.
It then forms an island that is expanding with every piece of outdated gear that gets trashed.
Meanwhile, increasingly scarce adults were often caught in fishing gear.
That's why it's best to make sure your secret agent gear is top quality and working properly.
They motivated the student to get his academic life in gear.
Over half the revenues of the biggest makers of electrical gear for buildings come from such refurbishments.
Let's track your heart kicking it into high gear during exercise.
Having access to such a wide torque band eliminates the need for a second or third gear in the transmission.
The sovereign-debt crisis in the euro zone stepped up a gear.
The market for professional video gear is also in flux.
The world's economic crisis is now forcing a change of gear.
In between a gear meshes with the petals of a flower.
Sure bulging legs and tremendous stamina will keep you in the race, but the right gear is crucial if you want to win.
More traditional designs can be found in their business gear section.
Zipper-sealed flap plus foldable rain cover protects your gear from the elements.
If you are going to do a demo, and there is time to change, then bring your gear.
Long-term what that means is working in a lower gear until the kids are more independent.
Other generally less expensive high-tech gear offers more value.
Boaters should add simple underwater pinging devices to their emergency gear.
We became good friends and one day she arrived at school with the gear required for after-school judo lessons.
They also have cheap fabric, tacky flowers, hunting gear and a great automotive parts section.
It may be carried on the boots and gear of humans who poke about in caves.
Or maybe it's the effect of the economy which is making us all gear back on everything.
The next day, moving through mud in low gear overworked the car, and the transmission needed water.
Akins and the others put on scuba gear and slipped beneath the surface.
Anyone wishing to take this adventure back in time should come prepared, wearing suitable boots and protective gear.
Others have been wrapped around anchors, tangled in gear or swept off by undercurrents.
He looks at fixed-gear bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes and hand-built bikes so dashing that it seems foolish even to ride them.
Once those programs are in high gear, they will produce a lot of credit hour production.
The downside to this is that its another piece of gear that you've got to carry.
Your snorkel gear helps you see and breathe underwater to experience the ocean's picturesque landscapes.
Sales of home-improvement gear such as paint and gardening tools were especially strong.
Western soldiers prefer to fight in the dark, when their night-vision gear gives them the advantage over insurgents.
The trick is to hand off your own gear immediately, while it still has some value.
We'd also want to know what boat they were in and what survival gear they had.
Special connecting loops let you tie additional gear to the exterior of the pouch.
Quick adjusting leg loops and molded gear loops, with racking grooves, make it easy for little digits to manage.
The size is not to big but roomy enough for all my climbing gear.
The bricks are laid, the gear system perfected, the vertical fire cage for the rotisserie in place.
From line to line the dialogue slips from one gear to another while never straying from a pitch of extreme emotional tension.
We hump duffels and gear up a steep snowbank to an outcrop of broken shale and tussock.
Soon they were met by police in riot gear who surrounded the area.
Sport utility vehicles cruise by full of camping and fishing and rock-climbing gear.
Decoy convoys were sometimes dispatched along with the genuine convoys carrying the communications gear.
Which brings us back to the machine and the people in the full-body protective gear and three pairs of gloves.
Again it takes place during darkness, again the soldiers must carry all their gear, and again the course is unknown.
Or they could be offered in the catalogues of firms that sell outdoor gear.
They were wearing protective gear and some held batons.
You're poked and prodded, vaccinated and issued gear.
Our soldiers have been forced to do police duty in combat gear, and they continue to be killed.
We were dressed in huge insulated boots and heavy snow gear.
With the tap of a foot lever and push of the holder, the jersey display swings around to reveal the other team's gear.
Two hundred police, some clad in riot gear, loaded people into vans before tearing down between twenty and thirty tents.
But how much larger would the rotor have to be to get the same electrical energy as the gear box versions.
That's why polystyrene is ideal for use in bicycle helmets and other protective gear.
So the two hauled their gear back out in the middle of the day.
And because there is only one gear, the acceleration is smooth.
Photon guns are important tools for engineers attempting to build the next generation of quantum communications gear.
Todays soldiers are often forced to lug around brick-sized batteries to power their high-tech gear.
The need for better protective gear has also inspired some more experimental designs.
After the fire's out, though, you still have to stick around to clean the fire truck and put the gear away.
Yeah, they say it hiccupped and got stuck for three or four aeons, then finally slipped back into gear.
Of course these two knew they were gone, but they did what they could, even extending the landing gear to slow the dive.
It has a tie to our nation's soldiers and the gear they wear.
He wears no helmet or protective gear of any kind and is usually physically unsuited to evade fast-moving projectiles.
When she walks into a room now, and she's got on the right gear, she looks drop-dead.
No, it turned out that five of the cases were crammed with the latest in electronic gear.
Stem cell research, already in high gear, has taken off since then.
As she collected her gear, she heard a high-pitched scream.
With the obesity epidemic raging, the race for countermeasures has kicked into high gear.
The biologists wear a combination of medical and nautical gear, including surgical scrubs and rubber boots.
Exoskeletons will become standard gear in certain professions.
The paying-out gear would not have allowed the cable to do so.
So the shop makes swim gear in the late spring and skis in the late fall.
Despite the risk, a collective decision was made not to put on protective gear during the trapping.
So my skeptical brain kicks into gear easily and smoothly.
Not grab your gear and do a thorough study of the moonscape.
The cook cabin has a wood stove that will allow you to warm up and dry gear.
The protective gear may not be exported to any country where the importation would be in violation of that country's laws.
Our parents had three-speed bikes with those little thumb-operated gear shifts on the handlebars.

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