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Gaze at something long enough and deeply enough and you are almost certain to find things you didn't expect.
Her gaze returns: she looks at it for twice as long as she did at the previous card.
If you keep your gaze fixed, others will instinctively get out of the way.
And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.
It's the desperate, fixed gaze that makes it truly terrifying.
All the while the world's gaze is squarely fixed on the matches and the festival atmosphere in the stands.
And if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.
Colleges avert gaze from students' posts on social-network sites.
It is also an example of what seems to be a primal human interaction-the mutual direction of gaze.
In fact, it was me who was intimidated by her movement and her penetrating gaze.
Eye gaze is critically important to social primates such as humans.
Gaze down and you'll notice that there's something missing.
And for volume, you rotate your gaze clockwise or counter-clockwise.
Charter flights no longer bring tourists to gaze at the dunes.
The researchers, though, are directing their gaze downward.
Eye gaze is critically important to humans, as social primates.
Cast your gaze eastward and you'll be stunned by the magical combination of green hills, craggy mountains, and endless blue sky.
But flying robots are agnostic about who they train their gaze upon, and can spy on cops as easily as they can spy on civilians.
By directing his gaze to his right hand, he diverts his audience's attention from his left hand.
People waiting to buy lunch shift their gaze sheepishly.
She lifted her gaze to mine in that moment-of-truth way, expecting me to pick up on the thought.
Often it is replaced by a more craven instinct: to avert the gaze from what has become too painful to look at straight.
Gaze at the vivid yellows, blues, and psychedelic swirls of a single emperor angelfish and you'll sense the whimsy of evolution.
Scientists now want to take advantage of that natural nightly gaze.
Initially, several of the bonobos in the group would take up positions at tree bases and steadily gaze upward.
The deception depends in part on social cues such as head position and gaze direction.
Most people drive up there and stop along the pull-outs to gaze upon the bridge and the city skyline.
Holograms may end up being a cheaper way to achieve that same trust-building gaze.
As you gaze at a, you soon notice circles spinning in opposite directions.
On that note, more screens from the game are below, so you can gaze upon them and see if you believe they are real.
Policemen are now constantly under the gaze of mobile-phone and video cameras.
His gaze was crucial in causing the illusion because it cued the expectations of the watchers, he says.
Gaze with wonder upon the little turquoise boxes that appear in your available time slots.
And kids can gaze at the stars through the skylight ceiling.
The hacker's voice cracked and his gaze drifted to the floor as he finished his statement.
The satellite's sensor is rather faster, allowing it to look at one location and then gaze at another rapidly.
The entire populace had poured out into the streets to gaze up in wonder at what was happening above them.
As you gaze out at the view, you see a stream of smoke.
She made sure to catch my gaze and gave me a knowing smile.
Gaze up from the trout to spot mule deer or bighorn sheep in the sage hills.
Keep your primary gaze on the camera itself and not the image on the screen.
Integration by regulation proceeds under the voters' indifferent gaze.
All those who gaze upon it are turned into crumpets, so it was written.
The elbow, on the other hand, requires nothing but a gentle lifting of the arm to become the object of our admiring gaze.
Pupils converge toward the nose as they gaze into the distance.
There are many more volcanoes around the world under the steady gaze of webcams.
Some ignore us, while others gaze at us with intelligent-seeming curiosity.
And wherever your gaze falls, a virtual spotlight would highlight what you're looking at.
Their eyes wandered, and their gaze patterns were tracked as they went.
She fixes her gaze on the watch, tracking its pendular motion with her eyes.
Another peculiar torture was felt in the gaze of a new eye.
He is overpowered by the gaze of the white, and his eye sinks.
Pete meets her gaze, and then they both go on to their respective lunches.
First her gaze focused, and the next night her skin was cool and damp.
The object of their gaze: a large aquarium, visible through a second-story apartment window.
Under the gaze of a security camera, the rest of the team filed silently onto the property.
They didn't gaze at each other moistly or jut their chins at the preacher defiantly.
How lonely to inhabit the planet without that familiar and alien gaze to keep us company.
Nicole is forty-two, blond and blue-eyed, with a gaze that is at once brisk and friendly.
He began to feel more and more oppressed by the censorious gaze of his neighbors, by the demand for respectability.
Her sagging posture and dull gaze echoed her despair.
Whatever weariness he felt at the crush of the public gaze, he was almost always willing to pause for the shot.
The astronomer lowers his gaze from the growing ink blot in the sky and looks towards the horizon.
Yet in island politics, the temptation to gaze inward is never far away.
He would then gaze longingly out the window and walk away.
He meets the world with the gaze of an outsider whose attention is inwardly en-gaged.
For his gaze to fall upon you was supposed to be reward enough.
Visitors to the museum were invited, first come first served, to sit in a chair facing her and silently return her gaze.
He turns to gaze at her for a moment, pauses briefly, and then continues talking as if nothing had happened.

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