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To calculate the real exchange rate, you need a gauge of prices in each country.
Their gauge provides an estimate of the benefits of keeping the two merger candidates apart.
They measure children against a pole, using height to gauge dosage.
Rain gauge uses gravity to measure rainfall.
It is hard for homeowners to gauge their energy use in real time.
This radius gauge makes it simple.
The lower the gauge of a needle, the thicker it is.
This layer is by far the easiest to gauge.
I'm too nervous to gauge it.
With details yet to be hammered out, the plan's effects are hard to gauge.
One way to gauge how dissipated a country is, is by tracking the education levels there.
Nonetheless, it has also proven useful as a gauge of an economy's capacity to improve living standards.
We're accepting all ranks, positions and play styles, but we also screen you once or twice before joining to gauge your abilities.
As the buoy moves up and down, a gauge registers the juice it produces.
Instructors generally reach a fairly accurate gauge of their scholars' powers.
The gauge of differing perceptions comes at a critical moment for online education.
It is often used to gauge the health of an ecosystem.
She retreated, grabbed a branch sticking out of the water, and used it to gauge the water's depth before wading deeper.
The drivers slow to gauge the intentions of crossing bicyclists and walkers.
The first cans were flat-topped and made of heavy-gauge steel.
The author uses history to gauge the significance of e-commerce.
The housing price-to-wage ratio may provide a better gauge of housing bubbles.
Perhaps he'll try to expand the paid section and gauge reader response and revenue.
For these firms, then, it is a tricky empirical question to gauge whether private equity destroys jobs or saves them.
Such evidence could help scientists gauge the danger posed today by medium-size comets or asteroids.
The scientists then exposed human and mouse airways to various bitter compounds to gauge the effects.
They emit squeaks and gauge their environment based on the echo returned.
The new machine allows physicians to view tissue in detail and gauge its health simultaneously.
Ectotherms, because their internal temperatures mirror those around them, can be a living gauge and record of past temperatures.
They played the game against themselves and completed a short survey designed to gauge delusional thoughts.
The result is an elimination of what physicists call gauge anomalies.
Right now it's impossible for a consumer to get an accurate gauge of energy use without deploying numerous expensive sensors.
It is now in clinical trials to gauge the immune response it elicits in patients with a history of advanced adenomas.
Maybe it's on purpose, for confidentiality reasons, but it makes it difficult to gauge whether it's a true innovation or not.
The doctors had hardly touched her, only briefly placing their hands on her swollen abdomen to gauge its tension.
Health care options vary by state, making it difficult to gauge the proposals' impact on various groups.
Together they offer an accurate gauge of the breadth and sophistication of her art.
These days no special auditory skills are required to gauge the spirit of the age.
The spirometer is a hand-held clear plastic device that includes a breathing tube and a container with a movable gauge.
And its shape is wrong for a mesh gauge used to make nets.
Outside his neat brick house, a rain gauge rises at the edge of a sloping driveway.
TV makes a good gauge for where people are at as far as acceptance goes.
We gauge you on your work, and the rating on this one is getting overblown.
However, how points move is given by a gauge condition.
The index is a lighthearted attempt to gauge how far currencies are from their fair value.
In spite of these blemishes, the price-to-rents gauge is a useful check on how puffed-up property markets are.
Lenders need to gauge whether governments will renege on their commitments.
Such a capacitor gauge could become a common sight on the dashboards of the future.
The first is the price-to-income ratio, a gauge of affordability.
Without a reliable gauge of inflation, lending is almost impossible, even for the medium term.
So, too, has an alternative gauge of national output computed from income statistics.
The extent of compliance in the countryside is more difficult to gauge.
Wages, a good gauge of labour demand, are growing sluggishly.
To others, however, they are a long-overdue attempt to gauge a putatively cheap fuel's true external costs.
The true gauge of monetary easing is not the cut in interest rates, but whether it succeeds in spurring new lending.
The illusion persists because it is not easy to gauge corporate governance objectively.
Yield-tonnes per hectare, bushels per acre or whatever-is the traditional gauge of agriculture's performance.
Health services are mining clinical data to gauge the cost-effectiveness of drugs.
As with motor racing, a reliable gauge is needed to ensure that successful manoeuvres are repeated consistently.
The precise impact of next year's belt-tightening is tricky to gauge.
Some fund-of-funds companies go to great lengths to gauge the characters of hedge-fund managers.
Equity prices reflect a lot of things but they're a pretty good gauge of expectations of future corporate profitability.
It has been difficult to gauge the human impact of the accident.
The valuation of a company is a gauge of how much investors are paying to own a piece of a company.
McDonald's does this all the time: offering new specialty sandwiches at a number of selected restaurants to gauge market reaction.
Market share is an important gauge of a company's strength, particularly its ability to withstand industry downturns.
The inflation controversy swirls around the consumer price index, the government's main gauge of inflation.
The government's monthly report is a broader gauge of retail sales.
The group doesn't stick a sniffer inside a closed car and consult a gauge.
Set out a tuna can as a rain gauge and keep track of the rainfall.
It's an investor's gauge of what the market is willing to pay for a stock's earnings.
The effect of variations in coil modulus and support boundary conditions on beam gauge performance are also discussed.
It's a comforting notion, one that gives us time to gauge the steady impact of warming before taking action.
They let us gauge the function or dysfunction of the clan, see how our hopes ferment, our kids grow and ripen.
It's difficult to gauge what impact, if any, global warming may have had on the current drought and on dropping water levels.

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